About Iron Arachne

A quick word about what Iron Arachne is meant to be

About Iron Arachne

Iron Arachne™ is a project to generate an entire fantasy world completely from scratch in a way that is coherent and at least somewhat realistic. Eventually, this will include maps, artwork, calendars, phrasebooks, and everything else necessary for a gazetteer about a world.

Content Usage

Anything generated by this website is yours to use in any capacity you see fit. The heraldry artwork is public domain. All generated text and artwork can be used as is, modified, included in commercial works, and any other usage without attribution.

The Iron Arachne™ logo is copyright ©2020 Ben Overmyer. All artwork and icons that are not specifically called out as public domain is owned in whole or in part, or used under license, by Ben Overmyer.

I would love to know if you decide to use anything here. Visit my personal site at benovermyer.com for contact info.