The Badefbal Culture

The Badefbalter, a fictional culture from a temperate forest climate.

This culture is called the Badefbal. Its people are the Badefbalter.

They speak Badefbal. Badefbal is an abrupt language. It has an abugida writing system comprised of triangles written in order left to right. The phrase "Keðdifgi, kel gezgi ga'par pel bafgur tel' takathda." means "Friend, it is good to see you again."

They originally came from a temperate forest region.

Common Names

Male Names

  • Tiren
  • Tiren
  • Tir'on
  • Belan
  • Gel'an
  • Peen
  • Dolen
  • Baon
  • Davbolon
  • Kaon

Female Names

  • Gechbir'e
  • Tezpile
  • Pazhbile
  • Gefkal'et
  • Peret
  • Dera
  • Bivtaet
  • Dara
  • Pire
  • Taret

Family Names

  • Gar
  • Taster
  • Pavgizper'
  • Gethder
  • Gizkar
  • Ter
  • Ger
  • Dor
  • Gavbar
  • Beztor


This style of music has a single rhythm with a moderate beat. It is quiet, with simple harmony. It has a simple melody with a low pitch in a major key. Usually, it has a brilliant timbre.


As the Badefbalter hail originally from a temperate forest region, their clothing style is appropriate for that kind of place. They often wear the following:

Male Clothing

Men usually wear a knee-length very tight-fit top with a high neckline and short sleeves, sharply flared at the wrist and ankle-length tight pants, with slippers.

Female Clothing

Women usually wear a knee-length tight-fit top with an off-shoulder neckline and short, gradually flared sleeves and a knee-length straight kilt, with short boots.

Food and Drink

This cuisine has bitter flavor profiles, favoring coriander for spices. Main ingredients commonly include beet and corn. Dishes are usually in soups, roasted, or boiled.

They have a strong beverage called bafgil, which is distilled from teff.


The Badefbalter have a polytheistic outlook. They gather in cathedrals.


The deities of the Badefbalter are as follows:


Tikale is the goddess of hope, destruction, and the sun. She is wrathful, warm, and patient, and is depicted as spined and haloed. Her holy item is a sword and her holy symbol is an open hand. Tikale loves Gechparet.


Gel'an is the god of fertility. He is playful and seductive, and is depicted as entrancing. His holy item is an egg and his holy symbol is a pregnant woman. Gel'an distrusts Tikale.


Tiv'tilan is the god of nobility, law, and revenge. He is stern, perpetually angry, and arrogant, and is depicted as wearing a crown and reed-thin. His holy item is a book and his holy symbol is a hammer overlapping a book. Tiv'tilan trusts Gechparet.


Bezhgelan is the god of air and good. He is jovial and tolerant, and is depicted as wind-blown, winged, and taciturn. His holy item is a feather and his holy symbol is a cloud. Bezhgelan distrusts Galen.


Paren is the god of strength and winter. He is blunt, relentless, and unforgiving, and is depicted as completely white and heavily-muscled. His holy item is a cloak and his holy symbol is a snowflake. Paren hates Gel'an.


Galen is the god of art and persistence. He is cunning, and is depicted as rainbow-hued. His holy item is a shield and his holy symbol is a spiral. Galen trusts Gel'an.


Gel'an is the god of foxes. He is playful, and is depicted as fox-bodied. His holy item is a fox paw and his holy symbol is a fox's face. Gel'an trusts Tiv'tilan.


Kovberen is the god of love and language. He is passionate and lustful, and is depicted as unabashedly naked. His holy item is a red string and his holy symbol is a book. Kovberen hates Paren.


Bezhgelan is the god of light. He is serious, and is depicted as white-haired. His holy item is a torch and his holy symbol is a radiant sun. Bezhgelan trusts Baon.


Gechparet is the goddess of fire and lightning. She is easily upsettable, and is depicted as surrounded by crackling sparks. Her holy item is a rod and her holy symbol is a fire. Gechparet hates Dara.


Tilet is the goddess of the moon and protection. She is strong-willed, sad, and protective, and is depicted as enormous, with metallic skin, and naked. Her holy item is a plate and her holy symbol is a shield. Tilet distrusts Baon.


Baon is the god of death and travel. He is gloomy and angry, and is depicted as skeletal and dusty. His holy item is a funerary mask and his holy symbol is a man walking. Baon hates Galen.


Davbolon is the god of thunder, balance, and evil. He is loud, careful, and vicious, and is depicted as black-eyed, grey-eyed, and horned. His holy item is a spiral dagger and his holy symbol is a spider. Davbolon loves Galen.


Pire is the goddess of thieves. She is avaricious, and is depicted as clad in dark leather. Her holy item is a dagger and her holy symbol is a dagger. Pire loves Tilet.


Dara is the goddess of hunting, trade, and life. She is joyful, and is depicted as fat, surrounded by living things, and well-fed. Her holy item is a spear and her holy symbol is a beast. Dara respects Gel'an.