The Chusel Culture

The Chuselish, a fictional wood elven culture from a tropical river climate.

This culture is called the Chusel. Its people are the Chuselish, and they are a wood elven society.

They speak Chusel. Chusel is a rhythmic language. It uses an alphabet writing system, with characters composed of boxes and sharp angles. The sample phrase "Hello! It is good to see you, friend." in Chusel is said "zhalzer! Thir thulkel chaschel gachel kil, zel. "

They originally came from a tropical river region.

Common Names

Male Names

  • Fevvariun
  • Gesðalayan
  • Farior
  • Chalayan
  • Gulior
  • Zelar
  • Kethsiior
  • Chechiriun
  • Ðezfoior
  • Cheðchazvelar

Female Names

  • Fuzkallia
  • Chelia
  • Viloa
  • Gerua
  • Thaðilia
  • Thelia
  • Githilua
  • Gathkalua
  • Cheðvaðfuroa
  • Valli

Family Names

  • Ðolko
  • Fasfargal
  • Chafkachfervel
  • Chazchivel
  • Vevel
  • Zargoffðolvel
  • Zholcherchal
  • Selchal
  • Charchal
  • Gerko


Buildings have walls made of carved stone covered over with plaster, and roofs are slanted and made of wooden shingles. Doors are made of thick wood and braced with metal. Windows are medium with thick-paned glass. For decoration, people often plant small trees around their homes.


This style of music has a single rhythm with a moderate beat. It is quiet, with no harmony. It has a simple melody with a medium pitch in a major key. Usually, it has a mellow timbre.


As the Chuselish hail originally from a tropical river region, their clothing style is appropriate for that kind of place. They often wear the following:

Male Clothing

Female Clothing

Common colors include pastel red, pastel yellow, and black. Decoration tends towards simple embroidery.

For jewelry, some of the following are common:

Food and Drink

Common main dishes for the Chuselish include:

Common desserts include:

The most common alcoholic beverages are:

As far as eating customs go, they have the following:


The Chuselish have a monotheistic outlook. They gather in shrines.


The deities of the Chuselish are as follows:


Zizhchesillia is the goddess of thunder, hunting, and music. She is entracing. She is passionate and wise. Her holy item is a lyre, and her holy symbol is a drum.