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The Thirkelian, a fictional wood elven culture from a temperate river climate.

The Thirkel Culture

This culture is called the Thirkel. Its people are the Thirkelian, and they are a wood elven society.

They speak Thirkel. Thirkel is a rhythmic language. It uses an ideographic writing system, with characters composed of boxes, half-circles, and triangles. The sample phrase "Hello! It is good to see you, friend." in Thirkel is said "chel! Chol char chalkar zhil zher, chisa. "

They originally came from a temperate river region.

Common Names

Male Names

  • Gizðovselior
  • Kifthiayan
  • Zazthaiun
  • Galar
  • Thelayan
  • Gichserchalior
  • Keðchezzhaior
  • Sorsaliun
  • Chageriun
  • Chechalayan

Female Names

  • Sochirlia
  • Ðilia
  • Seoa
  • Kellia
  • Ðeua
  • Farlia
  • Ðizeloa
  • Ferua
  • Zachoroa
  • Zhoðfivkalua

Family Names

  • Kelchil
  • Thezhsilgal
  • Firgal
  • Vilzelchil
  • Ðifkazhðike
  • Ðochil
  • Zhirvel
  • Sechzake
  • Chefforzal
  • Gethzhalke


Buildings have walls made of narrow bricks covered over with plaster, and roofs are flat and made of ceramic tiles. Doors are made of thin wood and braced with metal. Windows are medium and ornate. For decoration, people often plant bushes around their homes.


This style of music has a single rhythm with a fast beat. It is loud, with simple harmony. It has a wandering melody with a medium pitch in a major key. Usually, it has a dark timbre.


As the Thirkelian hail originally from a temperate river region, their clothing style is appropriate for that kind of place. They often wear the following:

Male Clothing

  • robe
  • short boots
  • belt

Female Clothing

  • form-fitting dress
  • knee-high boots
  • sash

Common colors include bright purple, moderate red, and moderate grey. Decoration tends towards feather decorations.

For jewelry, some of the following are common:

  • gaudy metal necklaces adorned with beads
  • simple metal chokers
  • brilliant metal chokers decorated with beads
  • ornate metal necklaces set with beads

Food and Drink

Common main dishes for the Thirkelian include:

  • pungent and savory dried lamb on round rice noodles with salt
  • salty and sweet dried mudhen eggs in thin rice noodle soup
  • salty and pungent slow-roasted lamb in long rice noodle soup with salt
  • bitter and aromatic dried brook trout on long rice noodles
  • pungent and sweet raw llama on spiral rice noodles with salt

Common desserts include:

  • partridge eggs pie
  • elderberry pudding
  • mudhen eggs crisp
  • sweetened yogurt

The most common alcoholic beverages are:

  • elderberry wine made with elderberry and salt that's pale yellow
  • rice wine made with elderberry and salt that's light red in color
  • elderberry wine made with salt that's red

As far as eating customs go, they have the following:

  • eat with hands


The Thirkelian have a polytheistic outlook. They gather in shrines.


The deities of the Thirkelian are as follows:


Chorgaloa is the goddess of protection and hope. She is heavily armored with no skin visible. She is lecherous and enduring. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a gauntlet.


Thaðchelli is the goddess of knowledge. She is bespectacled. She is studious. Her holy item is a necklace, and her holy symbol is an open eye. Thaðchelli is the mother of Gassaayan.


Kerar is the god of wisdom, art, and evil. He is blind. He is wise and careful. His holy item is a quill pen, and his holy symbol is a paint palette. Kerar is the son of Zergerior.


Chazhðerior is the god of demons, death, and life. He is surrounded by living things. He is joyful and full of life. His holy item is a skull, and his holy symbol is an evil eye. Chazhðerior is the son of Sezkolia and is amused by Charua.


Gassaayan is the god of dawn. He is bright. He is boisterous. His holy item is a ring, and his holy symbol is a radiant sun rising. Gassaayan is child of Thaðchelli, wars against Ðazhchallia, is the son of Ðelia, and fights with Charua.


Zhelior is the god of earth and revenge. He is one-armed. He is callous and practical. His holy item is an amulet, and his holy symbol is a broken circle. Zhelior desires Thalior.


Chilua is the goddess of oceans and fear. She is surrounded by a bubble of seawater when on land. She is commanding and mercurial. Her holy item is a necklace, and her holy symbol is a wave. Chilua is the daughter of Charua and is suspicious of Kethsalior.


Zergerior is the god of winter and horses. He is white eyes. He is jolly. His holy item is a horse tooth, and his holy symbol is a horse's face. Zergerior is parent of Kerar and is the child of Ðelia.


Vezvelior is the god of time. He is wizened. He is aloof and jittery. His holy item is a ring, and his holy symbol is an ouroboros. Vezvelior is the son of Kethsalior and is the rival of Charua.


Charua is the goddess of fire and dusk. She is ember-eyed. She is easily upsettable and boisterous. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a half-circle. Charua enjoys the company of Chazhðerior, is the rival of Gassaayan, is parent of Chilua, and is the rival of Vezvelior.


Feroa is the goddess of hunting and water. She is hairless. She is mercurial and patient. Her holy item is a flask, and her holy symbol is a bow and arrow. Feroa despises Ðazhchallia.


Ðazhchallia is the goddess of travel, sky, and destruction. She is dusty. She is vicious and wrathful. Her holy item is a staff, and her holy symbol is a cloud. Ðazhchallia wars against Gassaayan and hates Feroa.


Ðelia is the goddess of thunder, trickery, and nobility. She is chiselled. She is arrogant and booming. Her holy item is an amulet, and her holy symbol is a hammer. Ðelia is parent of Gassaayan, is the mother of Zergerior, and fights with Kethsalior.


Kethsalior is the god of darkness and foxes. He is fox-headed. He is sly and fierce. His holy item is a fox tail, and his holy symbol is an eclipse. Kethsalior tends to avoid Chilua, is a parent of Vezvelior, is the rival of Ðelia, and is the son of Thalior.


Thalior is the god of justice, language, and balance. He is hairy. He is fair and social. His holy item is an amulet, and his holy symbol is a scale. Thalior loves Zhelior and is a parent of Kethsalior.


Kellia is the goddess of good. She is taciturn. She is lusty. Her holy item is a staff, and her holy symbol is a radiant sun. Kellia is the enemy of Sezkolia.


Sezkolia is the goddess of fertility, healing, and chaos. She is hauntingly beautiful. She is humble and destructive. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a pregnant woman. Sezkolia is parent of Chazhðerior and is the hated foe of Kellia.