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The Zari, a fictional tiefling culture from a tropical river climate.

The Zar Culture

This culture is called the Zar. Its people are the Zari, and they are a tiefling society.

They speak Zar. Zar is a rhythmic language. It uses an alphabet writing system, with characters composed of angular lines, half-circles, and slashes. The sample phrase "Hello! It is good to see you, friend." in Zar is said "zuzhir! Chir chil vichzhel zheðzher si, zol. "

They originally came from a tropical river region.

Common Names

Male Names

  • Thachferior
  • Thezchofthelayan
  • Foriun
  • Therior
  • Chizzathgirar
  • Zerzhelar
  • Shazhvaar
  • Chiayan
  • Chazhcherar
  • Vochðeiun

Female Names

  • Ðarua
  • Verlia
  • Vezfuua
  • Zazhsirua
  • Ðathkollia
  • Charua
  • Thaoa
  • Kerli
  • Zhiroa
  • Vazðalli

Family Names

  • Getharker
  • Kigalser
  • Chizhgevssachol
  • Varthal
  • Ðal'sil
  • Vilsil
  • Ðeðferser
  • Sersil
  • Girser
  • Chulker


Buildings have walls made of insulated wood painted with bright colors, and roofs are flat and made of ceramic tiles. Doors are made of thin wood and curved on top. Windows are medium and wide. For decoration, people often plant large trees around their homes.


This style of music has a single rhythm with a fast beat. It is quiet, with simple harmony. It has a simple melody with a medium pitch in a major key. Usually, it has a dark timbre.


As the Zari hail originally from a tropical river region, their clothing style is appropriate for that kind of place. They often wear the following:

Male Clothing

  • robe
  • strapped boots
  • shoulder-to-waist sash

Female Clothing

  • tunic
  • knee-length skirt
  • boots
  • cap

Common colors include dark blue, bright grey, and pastel grey. Decoration tends towards beads.

For jewelry, some of the following are common:

  • ornate bone necklaces

Food and Drink

Common main dishes for the Zari include:

  • pungent and savory stewed fathead minnow
  • sweet and bitter broiled monitor lizard
  • aromatic and spicy baked orangutan brains with salt
  • savory and sweet stewed monitor lizard with salt
  • sweet and aromatic stewed brook trout on round spelt noodles with salt

Common desserts include:

  • duck eggs cake
  • elderberry custard
  • duck eggs tart
  • elderberry crisp
  • duck eggs pie

The most common alcoholic beverages are:

  • very strong elderberry brandy made with salt and elderberry that is pale red in color
  • very strong spelt liquor made with salt that is brown
  • very strong spelt beer made with salt that's fizzy

As far as eating customs go, they have the following:

  • serve food warm


The Zari have a polytheistic outlook. They gather in temples.


The deities of the Zari are as follows:


Chiayan is the god of good, destruction, and water. He is taciturn. He is jittery and mercurial. His holy item is a sword, and his holy symbol is a skull.


Zeloa is the goddess of thunder and wisdom. She is frail. She is careful and wise. Her holy item is an amulet, and her holy symbol is a drum.


Zezheliun is the god of sky, strength, and hunting. He is powerfully built. He is blunt and fae. His holy item is an amulet, and his holy symbol is a tower. Zezheliun is the rival of Chazhcherar.


Ssalua is the goddess of law. She is muscular. She is peaceful and insidious. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a hammer overlapping a book. Ssalua hates Chazhselli.


Gilli is the goddess of animals, life, and light. She is bird-headed. She is brutish and absent-minded. Her holy item is an amulet, and her holy symbol is a beast. Gilli is suspicious of Farthiar.


Farthiar is the god of time, foxes, and fear. He is shadowy. He is lecherous and tricksy. His holy item is a necklace, and his holy symbol is a screaming face. Farthiar despises Gilli.


Kathzhelior is the god of the sun, oceans, and harvests. He is fish-tailed. He is commanding. His holy item is a plate, and his holy symbol is a sickle. Kathzhelior enjoys the company of Zazhsarlia and is a parent of Zazhsirua.


Shazhvaar is the god of music. He is entracing. He is pleasant and passionate. His holy item is an amulet, and his holy symbol is an encircled heart. Shazhvaar fights with Chazhselli.


Chazhselli is the goddess of nature, dusk, and horses. She is leaf-haired. She is brooding and down-to-earth. Her holy item is an orb, and her holy symbol is a horse. Chazhselli is suspicious of Ssalua, is the rival of Shazhvaar, and suspects Kerli.


Geððaior is the god of thieves and nobility. He is wearing a crown. He is lusty and arrogant. His holy item is a coin purse, and his holy symbol is a pierced circle. Geððaior fights with Zazhsirua and is a lover of Ðichellia.


Gathsilua is the goddess of language, evil, and air. She is black-eyed. She is clever and brutal. Her holy item is a feather, and her holy symbol is a cloud. Gathsilua is the rival of Ðichellia.


Chazhcherar is the god of darkness and earth. He is shadowy. He is grounded and cynical. His holy item is a necklace, and his holy symbol is a mountain. Chazhcherar fights with Zezheliun and enjoys the company of Zazhsirua.


Zazhsirua is the goddess of dawn, the moon, and death. She is radiant. She is belligerent and thoughtful. Her holy item is a plate, and her holy symbol is a skull. Zazhsirua is the rival of Geððaior, is the daughter of Kathzhelior, and enjoys the company of Chazhcherar.


Ðichellia is the goddess of fertility and spring. She is stout. She is destructive and fierce. Her holy item is a staff, and her holy symbol is a wreath of flowers. Ðichellia is a lover of Geððaior, is the rival of Gathsilua, and is the child of Zazhsarlia.


Zazhsarlia is the goddess of trade and autumn. She is rotund. She is jittery and sly. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a scale. Zazhsarlia enjoys the company of Kathzhelior, is the mother of Ðichellia, and is a lover of Chathchorlia.


Chathchorlia is the goddess of balance and demons. She is ember-eyed. She is bold and peaceful. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a circle divided in half. Chathchorlia loves Zazhsarlia and is the daughter of Kerli.


Kerli is the goddess of hope, mercy, and knowledge. She is haloed. She is compassionate and nervous. Her holy item is a necklace, and her holy symbol is an open hand. Kerli distrusts Chazhselli and is a parent of Chathchorlia.