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The Chel'Zelese, a fictional human culture from a temperate coniferous forest climate.

The Chel'Ze Culture

This culture is called the Chel'Ze. Its people are the Chel'Zelese, and they are a human society.

They speak Chel'Ze. Chel'Ze is a musical language. It uses a pictographic writing system, with characters composed of slashes, loops, and swirls. The sample phrase "Hello! It is good to see you, friend." in Chel'Ze is said "chef! Zas zas chaf zhelzes sif, fi. "

They originally came from a temperate coniferous forest region.

Common Names

Male Names

  • Zhesison
  • Thirfefen
  • Farchasion
  • Zafion
  • Zheltheon
  • Salzathasion
  • Zhalvefo
  • Faion
  • Ðalvufon
  • Sasen

Female Names

  • Tharzhisila
  • Shilsefa
  • Thelsiia
  • Ðerchilzhaia
  • Thasa
  • Chirsia
  • Zarðaia
  • Ferchafi
  • Chirthesa
  • Ðarvaa

Family Names

  • Zerfesvef
  • Verðofzhaf
  • Ziðilthifzha
  • Ðirthovis
  • Zolvilcheszhaf
  • Salfafsus
  • Sofvis
  • Sissus
  • Thifvef
  • Silchavef


Buildings have walls made of wattle and daub interspersed with narrow columns, and roofs are slanted and made of stone tiles. Doors are made of light wood and tall. Windows are medium and wide. For decoration, people often plant bushes around their homes.


This style of music has a single rhythm with a very fast beat. It is quiet, with two harmonies. It has a wandering melody with a high pitch in a minor key. Usually, it has a mellow timbre.


As the Chel'Zelese hail originally from a temperate coniferous forest region, their clothing style is appropriate for that kind of place. They often wear the following:

Male Clothing

  • sleeveless tunic
  • trews
  • light turnshoes
  • hat
  • sash around the waist

Female Clothing

  • shirt
  • pleated skirt
  • sandals with ankle strapping
  • cap
  • banded belt

Common colors include pastel purple, black, and dark red. Decoration tends towards plain.

For jewelry, some of the following are common:

  • large metal chokers
  • thin metal chokers adorned with gems
  • gaudy metal necklaces
  • large metal rings set with gems

Food and Drink

Common main dishes for the Chel'Zelese include:

  • savory and aromatic deep fried raccoon on flat wheat noodles with thyme, salt, and coriander
  • sweet and sour deep fried potato on flat wheat noodles
  • spicy and sour deep fried turkey in flat wheat noodle soup with salt, coriander, and thyme
  • pungent and sour deep fried venison
  • pungent and spicy lightly fried mudhen in long teff noodle soup

Common desserts include:

  • boysenberry custard
  • mudhen eggs custard
  • elderberry crisp
  • boysenberry pudding
  • sweetened pudding

The most common alcoholic beverages are:

  • strong teff beer made with thyme that is dark
  • very strong honey mead made with coriander that is clear
  • very strong wheat ale made with strawberry, blackberry, and parsley that's bright gold in color

As far as eating customs go, they have the following:

  • eat with fork
  • belch after eating


The Chel'Zelese have a polytheistic outlook. They gather in churchs.


The deities of the Chel'Zelese are as follows:


Zhofen is the god of nobility, strength, and balance. He is wearing a crown. He is blunt and careful. His holy item is a ring, and his holy symbol is a circle divided in half.


Ðalvufon is the god of water. He is hairless. He is wise and mercurial. His holy item is a ring, and his holy symbol is a fountain. Ðalvufon dislikes Chasa.


Thesia is the goddess of luck, horses, and mercy. She is always playing with cards. She is adventurous and compassionate. Her holy item is a horse tooth, and her holy symbol is a face split into a grinning side and a frowning side. Thesia is the daughter of Zifirzoi.


Zefa is the goddess of revenge and earth. She is stone-skinned. She is creative and brooding. Her holy item is a staff, and her holy symbol is an evil eye. Zefa trysts with Ðufo.


Chasa is the goddess of destruction. She is pretty. She is insidious and boisterous. Her holy item is a staff, and her holy symbol is a spiked gauntlet. Chasa distrusts Ðalvufon, fights with Zhafi, and is the mother of Chelthofen.


Thotheson is the god of plants, wisdom, and death. He is always leaning on a staff. He is knowing and fae. His holy item is an amulet, and his holy symbol is a plant. Thotheson is the father of Thartheia and fights with Choltheson.


Choltheson is the god of chaos, animals, and war. He is perpetually blurry. He is aggressive. His holy item is a staff, and his holy symbol is a sword. Choltheson fights with Thotheson and is amused by Chelthofen.


Chelthofen is the god of art, oceans, and language. He is surrounded by a bubble of seawater when on land. He is fae and destructive. His holy item is a staff, and his holy symbol is a wave. Chelthofen is the child of Chasa, cherishes Choltheson, and trysts with Zhafi.


Zhafi is the goddess of sky and travel. She is dusty. She is pleasant and absent-minded. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a cloud. Zhafi is the rival of Chasa and trysts with Chelthofen.


Ðufo is the god of hunting and winter. He is blue-skinned. He is nervous and belligerent. His holy item is a bow, and his holy symbol is an icicle. Ðufo desires Zefa and fights with Chilzhesi.


Sefion is the god of summer. He is orange-haired. He is vengeful and warm. His holy item is an amulet, and his holy symbol is a radiant sun. Sefion is chagrined by Chilzhesi.


Chilzhesi is the goddess of knowledge. She is beautiful. She is wise and nervous. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a pyramid. Chilzhesi is the rival of Ðufo and tends to avoid Sefion.


Thartheia is the goddess of nature. She is rotund. She is practical and down-to-earth. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a flower. Thartheia is a child of Thotheson and is a confidant of Tharzhisila.


Tharzhisila is the goddess of fear, justice, and the moon. She is shadowy. She is cruel and callous. Her holy item is a necklace, and her holy symbol is a blind man. Tharzhisila is an ally of Thartheia and is the daughter of Zaso.


Zaso is the god of darkness and healing. He is rotund. He is wise and compassionate. His holy item is a staff, and his holy symbol is an open hand. Zaso is a parent of Tharzhisila.


Zifirzoi is the goddess of music and protection. She is rotund. She is reflective and callous. Her holy item is a lute, and her holy symbol is a shield. Zifirzoi is a parent of Thesia and loves Forzuso.


Forzuso is the god of evil, harvests, and autumn. He is stout. He is nervous and quiet. His holy item is a leaf, and his holy symbol is a sickle. Forzuso desires Zifirzoi.