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The Nochtezhheish, a fictional mountain dwarven culture from a taiga climate.

The Nochtezhhe Culture

This culture is called the Nochtezhhe. Its people are the Nochtezhheish, and they are a mountain dwarven society.

They speak Nochtezhhe. Nochtezhhe is a graceful language. It uses an abugida writing system, with characters composed of angular lines, swirls, and triangles. The sample phrase "Hello! It is good to see you, friend." in Nochtezhhe is said "jak! Xeb kizgud fathyech nejo vad, vig. "

They originally came from a taiga region.

Common Names

Male Names

  • Moðtothgebem
  • Giem
  • Duvgedamn
  • Bermatem
  • Jithdechastor
  • Seshadem
  • Mabastor
  • Vizgaem
  • Zildedest
  • Fukastor

Female Names

  • Zaaela
  • Nikea
  • Mibeskegea
  • Serwichaela
  • Zekoa
  • Wetaela
  • Bathleoa
  • Padifjichea
  • Sotaela
  • Gafleeela

Family Names

  • Xafpipleg
  • Vechzed
  • Leyakleg
  • Nuzsadcap
  • Nixaðyetleg
  • Yadleg
  • Rezgukceg
  • Revpadla
  • Xaghceg
  • Besdela


Buildings have walls made of wide bricks with large decorative arches, and roofs are slanted and made of stone tiles. Doors are made of light wood and tall. Windows are medium and square. For decoration, statues stand outside doorways.


This style of music has a cross-rhythm with a moderate beat. It is loud, with simple harmony. It has complex melodies with a medium pitch in a major key. Usually, it has a rough timbre.


As the Nochtezhheish hail originally from a taiga region, their clothing style is appropriate for that kind of place. They often wear the following:

Male Clothing

  • robe with short sleeves
  • boots
  • tricorn hat
  • wide belt

Female Clothing

  • dress with no sleeves
  • sandals
  • belt

Common colors include black, and moderate red. Decoration tends towards complex embroidery.

For jewelry, some of the following are common:

  • simple hide bracelets adorned with gems
  • twisting hide anklets decorated with gems

Food and Drink

Common main dishes for the Nochtezhheish include:

  • sweet and aromatic curried reindeer with salt
  • spicy and sweet slow-roasted rabbit
  • bitter and sour slow-roasted mudhen
  • pungent and salty broiled reindeer soup
  • spicy and bitter slow-roasted venison soup

Common desserts include:

  • mudhen eggs crisp
  • sweetened pudding
  • grouse eggs cake
  • grouse eggs pudding
  • partridge eggs pudding

The most common alcoholic beverages are:

  • weak einkorn beer made with salt that is pale
  • strong honey mead made with salt that's amber in hue
  • very strong einkorn liquor made with salt that's golden

As far as eating customs go, they have the following:

  • use minimal spice


The Nochtezhheish have a shamanistic outlook. They gather in spirit lodges.