The Chalthor Culture

The Chalthorðer, a fictional culture from a steppe climate.

This culture is called the Chalthor. Its people are the Chalthorðer.

They speak Chalthor. Chalthor is a rhythmic language. It has a syllabary writing system comprised of dots written in order downward vertically. The phrase "Zhirthethðel, zha gaðzhel chiðger gor chitha thar zefðefal." means "Friend, it is good to see you again."

They originally came from a steppe region.

Common Names

Male Names

  • Kelar
  • Githðerayan
  • Fefthiayan
  • Zhivtharar
  • Zhazhkarar
  • ðeiun
  • Chekilior
  • Gevgilar
  • Sirar
  • Varar

Female Names

  • Zili
  • Chalzerlia
  • Zirlia
  • Kelli
  • Cherua
  • Kisveroa
  • Gikeroa
  • Velli
  • Vozhgarli
  • Fevzhallia

Family Names

  • Goðsul
  • Chizsifðer
  • Therzheðther
  • Zal
  • Zhochafzu
  • Fozgal
  • Goschur
  • Galthozthal
  • Fathfechzi
  • Se


This style of music has a single rhythm with a slow beat. It is loud, with simple harmony. It has a simple melody with a high pitch in a major key. Usually, it has an emotional timbre.


As the Chalthorðer hail originally from a steppe region, their clothing style is appropriate for that kind of place. They often wear the following:

Male Clothing

Men usually wear an ankle-length very loose-fit top with a crossover neckline and short narrow sleeves and ankle-length straight pants, with short boots.

Female Clothing

Women usually wear an ankle-length robe with a straight neckline and elbow-length broad sleeves, with slippers and a tall hat.

Food and Drink

This cuisine has quite savory and strongly bitter flavor profiles, favoring for spices. Main ingredients commonly include pronghorn, coyote, pika, and mountain goat. Dishes are usually boiled, fried, or over rice.

They have a weak beverage called fisgir, which is fermented from sorghum.


The Chalthorðer have a monotheistic outlook. They gather in cathedrals.


The deities of the Chalthorðer are as follows:


Chezfarlia is the goddess of horses. She is ebullient, and is depicted as horse-headed and horse-bodied. Her holy item is a horse tooth and her holy symbol is a horse's face.