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The Treghese, a fictional human culture from a tropical rainforest climate.

The Tregh Culture

This culture is called the Tregh. Its people are the Treghese, and they are a human society.

They speak Tregh. Tregh is a guttural language. It uses a syllabary writing system, with characters composed of half-circles, loops, and half-loops. The sample phrase "Hello! It is good to see you, friend." in Tregh is said "ching! Trik brigang gagtrik kog dreng, chekug. "

They originally came from a tropical rainforest region.

Common Names

Male Names

  • Drigag
  • Brukkrengach
  • Traag
  • Bregur
  • Chugcheag
  • Kikur
  • Trikdringur
  • Tratrengar
  • Krekur
  • Gringach

Female Names

  • Chewgrangagi
  • Griwkrigagi
  • Braa
  • Grikagi
  • Gatranga
  • Changagi
  • Chenga
  • Drengagi
  • Brawa
  • Chiga

Family Names

  • Changgogkriw
  • Gegra
  • Kektriw
  • Katriw
  • Kringtriw
  • Gakekgrak
  • Brakriw
  • Gowkriw
  • Grengkriw
  • Grigkriw


Buildings have walls made of carved stone covered over with plaster, and roofs are flat and made of ceramic tiles. Doors are made of light wood and rectangular. Windows are medium and triangular. For decoration, people often plant small trees around their homes.


This style of music has a single rhythm with a slow beat. It is loud, with two harmonies. It has a simple melody with a high pitch in a major key. Usually, it has a reedy timbre.


As the Treghese hail originally from a tropical rainforest region, their clothing style is appropriate for that kind of place. They often wear the following:

Male Clothing

  • long shirt
  • kilt
  • thin sandals
  • cylindrical hat
  • banded belt

Female Clothing

  • sleeveless dress
  • pointed turnshoes

Common colors include dark blue, pastel orange, and black. Decoration tends towards stylized animals.

For jewelry, some of the following are common:

  • simple hide rings
  • lustrous hide necklaces adorned with beads
  • brilliant hide bracelets

Food and Drink

Common main dishes for the Treghese include:

  • sour and pungent basted leopard on spiral sorghum noodles
  • spicy and salty basted orangutan brains on flat sorghum noodles with vanilla, saffron, and galangal
  • pungent and bitter basted pork intestine
  • pungent and savory basted pork on flat sorghum noodles with saffron, vanilla, and galangal
  • sweet and spicy roasted lemur brains in wide sorghum noodle soup with galangal, saffron, and salt

Common desserts include:

  • mango cake
  • mango crisp
  • lemon crisp
  • lemon pudding
  • quail eggs

The most common alcoholic beverages are:

  • very strong sorghum ale made with lemongrass and vanilla that's pale
  • weak sorghum beer made with avocado, coconut, and vanilla that is foamy
  • very strong sorghum liquor made with mango that is brown

As far as eating customs go, they have the following:

  • serve food chilled
  • use heavy spice


The Treghese have a monotheistic outlook. They gather in temples.


The deities of the Treghese are as follows:


Krekagi is the goddess of the moon. She is pretty. She is thoughtful and lusty. Her holy item is a plate, and her holy symbol is a crescent moon.