The Chil Culture

The Chilva, a fictional culture from a temperate forest climate.

This culture is called the Chil. Its people are the Chilva.

They speak Chil. Chil is a rhythmic and tonal language. It has an alphabet writing system comprised of half-circles written in order right to left. The phrase "Fifcher thavkafsir! Char chorchor karzor gel saskel gor." means "Hello friend! It is good to see you."

They originally came from a temperate forest region.

Common Names

Male Names

  • Garayan
  • Firfarior
  • Zirkaior
  • ðisselayan
  • Chiðgerar
  • Voszeriun
  • Fezhsalar
  • Foztharior
  • Sergirar
  • Chezveriun

Female Names

  • Zhuroa
  • Zhefchellia
  • Zerlia
  • Keli
  • Zhethchelli
  • Galua
  • Zufcheloa
  • Foðsiroa
  • Vollia
  • Thezharli

Family Names

  • Fol
  • Ferzar
  • Fazhfel
  • Zisða
  • Far
  • Ker
  • Fafðezkar
  • Fosðichzhal
  • Kaðal
  • Chasziththe


This style of music has a single rhythm with a moderate beat. It is very loud, with no harmony. It has a simple melody with a high pitch in a major key. Usually, it has a booming timbre.


As the Chilva hail originally from a temperate forest region, their clothing style is appropriate for that kind of place. They often wear the following:

Male Clothing

Men usually wear a thigh-length very loose-fit top with a straight neckline and elbow-length narrow sleeves and a calf-length tight skirt, with turnshoes.

Female Clothing

Women usually wear a thigh-length tight-fit top with an asymmetric neckline and short narrow sleeves and a knee-length straight skirt, with short boots.

Food and Drink

This cuisine has savory flavor profiles, favoring brahmi, parsley, rosemary, and clove for spices. Main ingredients commonly include kohlrabi, calf brains, cabbage, green beans, and cauliflower. Dishes are usually in soups or steamed.

They have a strong beverage called fazhsol, which is distilled from oat.


The Chilva have a shamanistic outlook. They gather in sweat lodges.