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The Thelsisish, a fictional human culture from a temperate coniferous forest climate.

The Thelsis Culture

This culture is called the Thelsis. Its people are the Thelsisish, and they are a human society.

They speak Thelsis. Thelsis is a musical and tonal language. It uses a syllabary writing system, with characters composed of triangles, angular lines, and circles. The sample phrase "Hello! It is good to see you, friend." in Thelsis is said "vis! Fes zhef zhe tharchas ðif, charzherzhus. "

They originally came from a temperate coniferous forest region.

Common Names

Male Names

  • Siso
  • Selvaso
  • Zifo
  • Zhafion
  • Fhelzhefo
  • Ðezesion
  • Ðarzhifion
  • Feso
  • Thiion
  • Chirchalshifen

Female Names

  • Sarzhisia
  • Zhesa
  • Zhechesia
  • Varzerthefia
  • Filvesa
  • Filthisi
  • Salfilsesi
  • Zefila
  • Sesi
  • Zharchifia

Family Names

  • Firzheschaf
  • Ferzhesfif
  • Zharzhal'Zechaf
  • Chesvof
  • Zosðis
  • Chifif
  • Sulfosvof
  • Vifchaf
  • Veschaf
  • Selfisvof


Buildings have walls made of stone slabs that's meticulously cleaned, and roofs are slanted and made of thatch. Doors are made of light wood and broad. Windows are medium and ornate. For decoration, ceiling are often painted in geometric styles.


This style of music has a cross-rhythm with a moderate beat. It is very loud, with simple harmony. It has simple melodies with a medium pitch in a major key. Usually, it has a resonant timbre.


As the Thelsisish hail originally from a temperate coniferous forest region, their clothing style is appropriate for that kind of place. They often wear the following:

Male Clothing

  • robe with no sleeves
  • tall boots

Female Clothing

  • sleeveless dress
  • boots
  • shoulder-to-waist sash

Common colors include moderate yellow, bright red, and black. Decoration tends towards feather decorations.

For jewelry, some of the following are common:

  • gaudy hide necklaces

Food and Drink

Common main dishes for the Thelsisish include:

  • sour and aromatic stewed bacon with cilantro, salt, and coriander
  • savory and aromatic slow-roasted bacon on thin spelt noodles
  • sour and bitter stewed bacon on narrow sorghum noodles
  • spicy and pungent stewed pork loin in narrow spelt noodle soup with cilantro, salt, and clove
  • pungent and salty stewed pork intestine in wide sorghum noodle soup

Common desserts include:

  • elderberry pie
  • elderberry yogurt
  • elderberry pudding
  • watermelon
  • watermelon crisp

The most common alcoholic beverages are:

  • strong blackberry brandy made with coriander that's deep red in hue
  • sorghum beer made with coriander, salt, and clove that's foamy
  • spelt ale made with salt, sage, and coriander that's fizzy

As far as eating customs go, they have the following:

  • eat with fork
  • use minimal spice


The Thelsisish have a polytheistic outlook. They gather in shrines.


The deities of the Thelsisish are as follows:


Seveso is the god of luck, healing, and oceans. He is surrounded by a bubble of seawater when on land. He is patient and compassionate. His holy item is a wand, and his holy symbol is a wreath of flowers.


Thesi is the goddess of balance and air. She is ethereal. She is careful. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a cloud. Thesi is the mother of Thelfoi.


Thelfoi is the goddess of water, travel, and darkness. She is dark as night. She is destructive and absent-minded. Her holy item is a ring, and her holy symbol is a road disappearing into the horizon. Thelfoi is child of Thesi.


Secheso is the god of justice, language, and time. He is blindfolded. He is fierce and wise. His holy item is a scale, and his holy symbol is a hourglass. Secheso is the father of Zilzhafon and is the enemy of Farzhefon.


Farzhefon is the god of winter. He is covered in frost. He is short-tempered and pleasant. His holy item is a cloak, and his holy symbol is an icicle. Farzhefon is the son of Vision and is the hated foe of Secheso.


Zhesa is the goddess of horses. She is plain. She is vicious. Her holy item is an amulet, and her holy symbol is a horse. Zhesa is the rival of Chei and is the mother of Ðarchesi.


Ðarchesi is the goddess of fertility and mercy. She is entrancing. She is destructive and playful. Her holy item is a necklace, and her holy symbol is a wreath of vines. Ðarchesi is a child of Zhesa.


Thal'Safon is the god of art. He is sweaty. He is vicious and cynical. His holy item is an amulet, and his holy symbol is a spiral. Thal'Safon fights with Vefa and is a friend of Zilzhafon.


Zilzhafon is the god of demons. He is black-eyed. He is fae and jittery. His holy item is a necklace, and his holy symbol is an evil eye. Zilzhafon is the child of Secheso and is a confidant of Thal'Safon.


Vision is the god of nature. He is anguished. He is down-to-earth and practical. His holy item is a ring, and his holy symbol is a tree. Vision is a parent of Farzhefon and enjoys the company of Thien.


Thien is the god of lightning, autumn, and dusk. He is dark-skinned. He is nervous. His holy item is a staff, and his holy symbol is a half-circle. Thien owes a debt to Vision.


Chei is the goddess of fire and law. She is tidy. She is fair and proud. Her holy item is a book, and her holy symbol is a hammer. Chei is the rival of Zhesa and is the daughter of Thoson.


Thoson is the god of good and strength. He is powerfully built. He is lecherous and jovial. His holy item is an amulet, and his holy symbol is a radiant sun. Thoson is parent of Chei.


Fifon is the god of the moon, nobility, and persistence. He is wearing a crown. He is vicious and persistent. His holy item is a ring, and his holy symbol is a man standing resolute. Fifon is a parent of Vefa.


Vefa is the goddess of the sun and hunting. She is ringed in a firey halo. She is patient and courageous. Her holy item is an orb, and her holy symbol is a bow and arrow. Vefa is the rival of Thal'Safon, is the daughter of Fifon, and is the mother of Cherzisia.


Cherzisia is the goddess of dawn and light. She is radiant. She is wise and lecherous. Her holy item is a necklace, and her holy symbol is a radiant sun rising. Cherzisia is child of Vefa.