The Burning Army

the Burning Army, a mercenary company

The Burning Army is a huge mercenary company with 488 members. It's led by Captain Surane Clanwillow. The Army desires power. This mercenary company is known for being sensitive, prudent, and faithful, but also one-dimensional. Its heraldry can be described as 'quarterly barry argent and Or and azure.' The Army is well-funded, and there are rumors that a major noble is bankrolling them.


Captain Surane Clanwillow

Captain Surane is a mountain dwarf woman of 191 years. She is 3'10" and weighs 104 pounds, with hazel eyes, brown hair, tan skin, a smooth beard, and a broad nose. Motivated by rivalry, Surane is romantic and efficient, though also cowardly. She is a warrior.

Notable Members

Tisette Warbreaker

Sergeant Tisette is a human woman of 31 years. She is 5'5" and weighs 116 pounds, with hazel eyes, light brown hair, olive skin, and flat nose. Motivated by love, Tisette is logical and reverential, though also paranoid, emotional, and hesitant. She is a guard.

Barton Rosedreamer

Sergeant Barton is a mountain dwarf man of 210 years. He is 4'1" and weighs 134 pounds, with green eyes, auburn hair, olive skin, a bristly beard, and a crooked nose. Motivated by revenge, Barton is adventurous and gallant, though also paranoid and neutral. He is a paladin.

Morwena Bluebleeder

Mercenary Morwena is a high elf woman of 264 years. She is 5'6" and weighs 72 pounds, with brown eyes, dark brown hair, light skin, and narrow nose. Motivated by family, Morwena is painstaking, cheerful, and romantic, though also surprising, disturbing, and vulnerable. She is a soldier.

Gunnar Chauveron

Sergeant Gunnar is a halfling man of 97 years. He is 2'11" and weighs 36 pounds, with grey eyes, light brown hair, brown skin, wild-haired feet, and a bulbous nose. Motivated by justice, Gunnar is self-sufficent, though also unfriendly. He is a cleric.

Esmee Chamillet

Mercenary Esmee is a human woman of 58 years. She is 5'5" and weighs 110 pounds, with green eyes, grey hair, olive skin, and upturned nose. Motivated by laziness, Esmee is sweet, though also whimsical and tense. She is a guard.

Agro Spiritscribe

Sergeant Agro is a human man of 43 years. He is 5'10" and weighs 148 pounds, with amber eyes, brown hair, dark skin, and flat nose. Motivated by greed, Agro is contemplative and trusting, though also moralistic. He is a paladin.


Esmee Chamillet leads a faction within this organization. Esmee desires power, and she has waning support.

Agro Spiritscribe leads a faction within this organization. Agro seeks to amass wealth, and he has some support.