The Penitent Church of the Sword

the Penitent Church of the Sword, a holy order

The Penitent Church of the Sword is a small holy order with 62 members. It's led by High Priestess Syrana Featherbrew and High Priest Fangar Albion. The Church seeks to save the souls of the people. This holy order is known for being calm, but also unprincipled, ritualistic, and dogmatic. Its heraldry can be described as 'per saltire sable and vert.' The Church's members often gather at a specific local tavern to relax.


High Priestess Syrana Featherbrew

High Priestess Syrana is a high elf woman of 329 years. She is 5'5" and weighs 77 pounds, with amber eyes, silver hair, light skin, and narrow nose. Motivated by faith, Syrana is genuine, knowledge, and friendly, though also unprincipled. She is a priest.

High Priest Fangar Albion

High Priest Fangar is a high elf man of 79 years. He is 6'2" and weighs 97 pounds, with hazel eyes, red hair, light skin, and thin nose. Motivated by a desire to better oneself, Fangar is well-read, though also opinionated. He is a monk.

Notable Members

Estyn Suteuil

Priestess Estyn is a tiefling woman of 21 years. She is 5'2" and weighs 111 pounds, with gold eyes, dark brown hair, dark skin, spiral downard horns, and aquiline nose. Motivated by gaining acceptance, Estyn is faithful, though also narcissistic and impressionable. She is a priest.

Aramor Stillblade

Priest Aramor is a tiefling man of 21 years. He is 5'10" and weighs 153 pounds, with silver eyes, purple hair, bronze skin, long straight horns, and flat nose. Motivated by friends, Aramor is purposeful and systematic, though also disrespectful. He is a priest.

Paskel Clawarm

Acolyte Paskel is a gnome man of 53 years. He is 3'5" and weighs 38 pounds, with gold eyes, red hair, bronze skin, and pointed nose. Motivated by family, Paskel is appreciative and rational, though also unsentimental. He is a cleric.


Aramor Stillblade leads a faction within this organization. Aramor strives to convert everyone to his faith, and he has few followers.

Paskel Clawarm leads a faction within this organization. Paskel seeks to amass wealth, and he has waning support.