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The fantasy region of The County of Chipched, ruled by Countess Vabiha Thekthech.

The County of Chipched

The County of Chipched is ruled by Countess Vabiha Thekthech. Its capital is Chikfat.

Per fess gules and purpure, an antelope passant Or

Countess Vabiha Thekthech

Countess Vabiha Thekthech is a human woman of 35 years. She is 5'8" and weighs 165 pounds, with green eyes, black hair, dark skin, and aquiline nose. Motivated by freedom, Vabiha is precise, felicific, and objective, as well as unfriendly and scheming. She is a noble and has a coat of arms of "Per fess gules and purpure, an antelope passant Or."

Notable Towns in The County of Chipched

Chikfat, the capital and Countess Vabiha Thekthech's home

Population: 870,931 (city)

Mayor: Zetala Zedzhacho is a human woman of 38 years. She is 5'11" and weighs 195 pounds, with brown eyes, red hair, bronze skin, and flushed cheeks. Motivated by honor, Zetala is sentimental, understanding, and scrupulous, as well as high-spirited and predatory. She is a bard.


  • elderberry light crossbow
  • mediocre einkorn ale
  • average copper spear
  • poor copper spaulder
  • poor iron pauldrons
  • bottle of elderberry wine
  • iron spoon
  • average copper halberd
  • mediocre einkorn bread
  • poor elderberry club
  • poor copper war pick
  • mediocre copper light hammer
  • copper crescent blade
  • poor bundle of birch logs
  • average elderberry wood cask
  • poor ash wood table
  • poor sandstone block
  • copper battle axe
  • quail
  • pika leather brigandine
  • poor bundle of elderberry logs
  • bundle of birch planks
  • poor iron two-handed sword


  • lamb
  • beaver hide
  • calf brains

Population: 92 (hamlet)

Mayor: Kangoon Fuchcho is a human man of 51 years. He is 5'9" and weighs 200 pounds, with blue eyes, black hair, dark skin, and several battle scars. Motivated by a desire to better oneself, Kangoon is cheerful, humble, and many-sided, as well as stylish and solitary. He is a logger.


  • elderberry wood bowl
  • mediocre bottle of elderberry wine


  • falcon feathers
  • deer teeth

Population: 49,411 (borough)

Mayor: Zhachesh Zizig is a 58-year-old Chadthadian human man. He has hazel eyes, grey hair, bronze skin, and rosy cheeks. Zhachesh is 5'11" tall and weighs 220 lbs. He is motivated by fear. While he is liberal, efficient, and uncomplaining, he has also been described as crisp and dreamy. Zhachesh's hobby is archery and he is a cleric.


  • average bag of einkorn flour
  • mediocre deer whip
  • poor pig sling
  • average iron spoon
  • refined lead ore
  • elderberry great bow
  • poor einkorn lager
  • average iron trident
  • iron light hammer
  • mediocre iron war scythe
  • elderberry hand crossbow
  • average ash wood cask
  • poor sandstone milling wheel
  • bundle of birch logs
  • iron quarterstaff
  • poor iron morningstar
  • average sandstone slab
  • mediocre elderberry longbow
  • mediocre elderberry wood barrel
  • average ash crossbow
  • average einkorn ale
  • average pig hide sandals
  • average bundle of birch planks
  • average ash greatclub
  • deer leather belt
  • iron crescent blade
  • mediocre copper light hammer
  • average deer hide turnshoes
  • ash wagon wheel
  • average einkorn beer
  • poor iron scimitar
  • iron hand saw
  • iron two-handed sword
  • mediocre refined tin ore
  • copper glaive
  • average birch kite shield
  • mediocre iron battle axe
  • poor bundle of elderberry planks
  • average einkorn bread
  • poor iron hammer
  • poor venison
  • average pig leather
  • average deer hide boots
  • poor birch longbow
  • poor elderberry wood bowl
  • bundle of elderberry logs
  • poor copper mace
  • pig leather boots
  • deer leather
  • iron glaive
  • poor iron javelin
  • iron short sword
  • birch heavy crossbow
  • poor deer leather boots
  • poor elderberry shortbow
  • poor copper dagger
  • poor pig leather backpack
  • average ash light crossbow
  • iron greatsword
  • einkorn roll
  • mediocre iron greaves
  • elderberry wood tankard


  • elk sinew
  • grouse feathers
  • kohlrabi
  • venison

Notable Organizations in The County of Chipched

Glorious Church of the Flame

The Glorious Church of the Flame is a massive church with 568 members. It's led by High Priest Thiesh Thigthech. The church is known for being merciless.