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The fantasy region of The County of Hahek, ruled by Countess Luoa Fazaghe.

The County of Hahek

The County of Hahek is ruled by Countess Luoa Fazaghe. Its capital is Negde.

Per chevron purpure and gules, a pegasus rampant Or

Countess Luoa Fazaghe

The thorough, well-bred, and sexy Countess Luoa Fazaghe is 50 years old and a human woman. She is a noble, and is driven by achieving destiny. She is 5'6" tall and weighs 135 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Luoa as troublesome and angry. She has gold eyes, light brown hair, tan skin, and a fierce expression.

Notable Towns in The County of Hahek

Negde, the capital and Countess Luoa Fazaghe's home

Population: 681,623 (city)

Mayor: Vepem Miwagyek is a human man of 37 years. He is 5'10" and weighs 205 pounds, with gold eyes, grey hair, light skin, and a neutral expression. Motivated by revenge, Vepem is well-rounded, urbane, and warm, as well as amusing and delicate. He is a tanner.


  • poor iron quarterstaff
  • iron knife
  • refined ruby ore
  • average fox leather brigandine
  • average barley roll
  • mediocre iron two-handed sword
  • orichalcum metal ingot
  • average bottle of mead
  • average iron dagger
  • iron trident
  • average iron rapier
  • white pine great bow
  • poor hare hide sandals
  • spruce great bow
  • bottle of metheglin
  • mediocre a quiver of arrows
  • jackrabbit leather brigandine
  • barley beer
  • poor refined amethyst ore
  • barley lager
  • average sandstone slab
  • mediocre sandstone milling wheel
  • iron warhammer
  • spruce longbow
  • iron spear
  • poor iron pike
  • average iron short sword
  • average fox hide boots
  • white pine longbow
  • poor refined nickel ore
  • average iron greatsword
  • barley bread
  • average pine wood table
  • poor iron battle axe
  • deer sling
  • mediocre stick of sealing wax
  • poor juniper heater shield
  • poor bundle of larch planks
  • average bottle of juniper wine
  • larch longbow
  • average larch wood chair
  • bundle of pine logs
  • mediocre fox leather boots
  • average pine light crossbow
  • mediocre pine wood tankard
  • bottle of braggot
  • mediocre iron chain hauberk
  • refined orichalcum ore
  • poor iron spiked chain
  • average iron handaxe
  • average iron horseshoe
  • poor bundle of black pine planks
  • average red pine cart axle
  • mediocre juniper wood bowl
  • poor hare hide boots
  • average bag of barley flour
  • bottle of hippocras
  • mediocre hedgehog hide shoes
  • average red pine blowgun
  • red pine wood table
  • mediocre iron flail
  • red pine wagon wheel
  • average iron greataxe
  • poor red pine cart wheel
  • poor spruce lance
  • iron war scythe
  • iron javelin
  • pine wagon axle
  • black pine light crossbow


  • loam
  • flamingo feathers
  • dirt
  • rye
  • raw jasper ore

Population: 2,200,473 (metropolis)

Mayor: Jicheli Kozkozhhechca is a 55-year-old WeĆ°nipese human woman. She has hazel eyes, brown hair, brown skin, and flushed cheeks. Jicheli is 5'1" tall and weighs 200 lbs. She is motivated by the pursuit of perfection. While she is sympathetic, clear-headed, and steadfast, she has also been described as repentant and opinionated. Jicheli's hobby is playing darts and she is a none.


  • average juniper great bow
  • mediocre elk hide
  • mediocre larch long bow
  • bundle of red pine logs
  • poor refined nickel ore
  • poor iron chain hauberk
  • mediocre iron two-handed sword
  • jackrabbit whip
  • mediocre stick of sealing wax
  • red pine heavy crossbow
  • bottle of hippocras
  • larch wagon axle
  • average barley beer
  • elk hide shoes
  • mediocre iron chain shirt
  • mediocre iron dart
  • iron light hammer
  • spruce wood tankard
  • average bottle of braggot
  • average iron handaxe
  • mediocre red pine heater shield
  • poor iron metal bar
  • iron pauldrons
  • poor iron javelin
  • red pine cart axle
  • average iron rapier
  • mediocre iron crescent blade
  • iron spaulder
  • sandstone slab
  • red pine hand crossbow
  • average rabbit leather
  • poor pig whip
  • iron greataxe
  • mediocre iron breastplate
  • poor larch cart wheel
  • average hedgehog hide shoes
  • mediocre pig hide sandals
  • iron short sword
  • iron spear
  • average iron spoon
  • black pine wood chair
  • bottle of mead
  • bundle of white pine planks
  • mediocre iron dagger
  • average larch heater shield
  • average black pine wood table
  • bottle of juniper wine
  • mediocre bag of barley flour
  • iron pike
  • white pine wood tankard
  • average red pine kite shield
  • poor barley roll
  • poor deer leather brigandine
  • mediocre iron greaves
  • poor hare hide sandals
  • mediocre iron war pick
  • red pine wagon axle
  • pine wood table
  • iron morningstar
  • iron spiked chain
  • poor black pine wood barrel
  • average refined iron ore
  • iron gauntlet
  • poor larch wood table
  • poor jackrabbit leather
  • iron halberd


  • pork loin
  • pork
  • moose
  • grouse eggs
  • venison
  • mudhen
  • moose milk
  • pig sinew
  • moose hide
  • orichalcum
  • dirt
  • porcelain
  • goat
  • deer teeth
  • cricket
  • deer hide
  • pork ribs
  • boar sinew
  • raw jasper ore
  • boar hide
  • pork intestine
  • basalt
  • bacon
  • moose sinew
  • barley
  • grouse feathers
  • nickel
  • deer antler
  • hawk feathers
  • copper
  • goat hide
  • rabbit hide
  • pig hide
  • goat sinew

Population: 4,812 (town)

Mayor: The passionate, steadfast, and fun-loving Caghoa Saffathtithe is 30 years old and a human woman. She is a distiller, and is driven by fame. She is 5'2" tall and weighs 165 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Caghoa as opinionated and impulsive. She has amber eyes, auburn hair, brown skin, and a fierce expression.


  • mediocre iron chain shirt
  • iron crescent blade
  • mediocre sandstone milling wheel
  • poor iron rapier
  • average pine hand crossbow
  • mediocre juniper buckler
  • poor black pine short bow
  • black pine club
  • pine longbow
  • juniper club
  • average refined iron ore
  • poor iron spoon
  • average spruce wood bowl
  • mediocre black pine wood bench


  • bok choy

Notable Organizations in The County of Hahek

North Wind Tanner's Guild

The North Wind Tanner's Guild is a huge guild with 372 members. It's led by Guild Leader Yikest Visikca. The guild is known for being observant.