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The fantasy region of The County of Xokbik, ruled by Countess Hekedea Sazpibqib.

The County of Xokbik

The County of Xokbik is ruled by Countess Hekedea Sazpibqib. Its capital is Tezlabcid.

This is a dense coniferous forest region. The weather is freezing with many overcast days during the spring, cold with many overcast days during the summer, freezing with lots of sun and strong winds during the autumn, and freezing with many overcast days and strong winds during the winter. The skies are full of birds.

Vert, two pegasi rampant argent

Countess Hekedea Sazpibqib

Countess Hekedea Sazpibqib is a gnome woman of 110 years. She is 3'4" and weighs 30 pounds, with blue eyes, red hair, tan skin, and ruddy cheeks. Motivated by achieving destiny, Hekedea is solid, well-read, and creative, as well as dogmatic and crisp. She is a noble and has a coat of arms of "Vert, two pegasi rampant argent."

Notable Towns in The County of Xokbik

Tezlabcid, the capital and Countess Hekedea Sazpibqib's home

Population: 118,823 (city)

Mayor: Bagest Visyapbik is a gnome man of 59 years. He is 3'4" and weighs 42 pounds, with hazel eyes, light brown hair, bronze skin, and upturned nose. Motivated by a desire to better oneself, Bagest is cheerful, humorous, and urbane, as well as uncaring and bewildered. He is an alchemist.


  • mediocre cow hide boots
  • white pine heavy crossbow
  • mediocre larch shortbow
  • iron pauldrons
  • ramie blouse
  • average calf brains
  • basalt milling wheel
  • deer hide boots
  • poor war zebra
  • mediocre iron morningstar
  • poor refined ruby ore
  • poor bundle of black pine logs
  • mediocre copper greaves
  • average copper fork
  • white pine wood tankard
  • cow hide sandals
  • pine wood tankard
  • poor porcelain bowl
  • average copper warhammer
  • mediocre copper gorget
  • mediocre iron war scythe
  • mediocre copper greataxe
  • copper rapier
  • average red pine wood tankard
  • short ramie tunic
  • iron maul
  • average black pine lance
  • zebra hide turnshoes
  • bison leather backpack
  • poor red pine wood cask
  • average ramie tunic
  • larch cart wheel
  • copper battle axe
  • fox leather brigandine
  • ramie quilt


  • fox hide
  • porcelain
  • zebra milk
  • bison hide

Population: 362 (village)

Mayor: Hedeali Sedset is a 46-year-old Feqokian gnome woman. She has brown eyes, red hair, dark skin, and pock-marked cheeks. Hedeali is 3'3" tall and weighs 34 lbs. She is motivated by conspiracy. While she is honest, genuine, and suave, she has also been described as hateful and crude. Hedeali's hobby is playing games of strategy and she is a paladin.


  • mediocre copper glaive
  • mediocre refined gold ore
  • pine short spear


  • strawberry
  • horse

Population: 95,816 (borough)

Mayor: The persuasive, sharing, and athletic Fubea Qeffidqib is 53 years old and a gnome woman. She is a shaman, and is driven by conspiracy. She is 3'1" tall and weighs 36 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Fubea as brittle and shortsighted. She has green eyes, brown hair, olive skin, and ruddy cheeks.


  • poor iron two-handed sword
  • terra cotta pitcher
  • mediocre iron battle axe
  • cedar great bow
  • poor iron halberd
  • average iron morningstar
  • pack horse
  • average iron trident
  • spool of ramie thread
  • sheep leather boots
  • poor long ramie tunic
  • bag of wheat flour
  • deer leather
  • mediocre small ramie blanket
  • mediocre iron war scythe
  • iron maul
  • squirrel sling
  • riding horse
  • poor iron spiked chain
  • poor wool
  • horse hide
  • poor iron crescent blade
  • mediocre copper dart
  • average black pine short spear
  • poor wheat beer
  • black pine longbow
  • mediocre iron javelin
  • porcelain
  • war zebra
  • average cedar wood cask
  • mediocre refined tin ore
  • mediocre copper light hammer
  • poor bison sling
  • bison whip
  • mediocre copper battle axe
  • mediocre deer sinew
  • war horse
  • iron spaulder
  • average white pine longbow
  • mediocre pine greatclub
  • poor squirrel hide shoes
  • average white pine hand crossbow
  • poor squirrel whip
  • average iron spangenhelm
  • mediocre bundle of red pine logs
  • cedar blowgun
  • poor iron spear
  • mediocre larch buckler
  • wheat lager
  • poor iron bastard sword
  • ramie tunic
  • poor pig whip
  • iron close helm
  • cedar cart wheel
  • average bolt of ramie fabric
  • terra cotta vase
  • mediocre copper crescent blade
  • goat whip
  • basalt slab
  • average iron warhammer
  • mediocre large ramie blanket


  • horse
  • pork intestine
  • coyote fangs
  • boysenberry
  • bacon

Notable Organizations in The County of Xokbik

Burning Dragons

The Burning Dragons is a small adventuring company with 6 members. It's led by Captain Qethpakest Letset. The adventuring company is known for being curious.

Academy of Mystical Arts

The Academy of Mystical Arts is a huge school of wizardry with 302 members. It's led by Headmaster Gathjichest Rezcobik. The school of wizardry is known for being wise.

Incorporated Potter's Guild

The Incorporated Potter's Guild is a huge guild with 290 members. It's led by Guild Leader Hedoa Givbachya. The guild is known for being lazy.

Penitent Church of the Dove

The Penitent Church of the Dove is a massive church with 998 members. It's led by High Priest Nivbioa Xachbik. The church is known for being selfless.