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The fantasy region of The County of Fachzesður, ruled by Count Sethzeso Gagursel.

The County of Fachzesður

The County of Fachzesður is ruled by Count Sethzeso Gagursel. Its capital is Ssaðgifzhesðis.

Per pale gules and sable, a camelopard argent

Count Sethzeso Gagursel

Count Sethzeso Gagursel is a 76-year-old Fafzhavzheli halfling man. He has blue eyes, grey hair, dark skin, wild-haired feet, and a bulbous nose. Sethzeso is 3'1" tall and weighs 35 lbs. He is motivated by religious devotion. While he is modest, optimistic, and perceptive, he has also been described as confidential and cowardly. Sethzeso's hobby is and he is a noble. His coat of arms is described "Per pale gules and sable, a camelopard argent."

Notable Towns in The County of Fachzesður

Ssaðgifzhesðis, the capital and Count Sethzeso Gagursel's home

Population: 725,458 (city)

Mayor: The generous, venturesome, and loyal Zoflia Zhervaf is 48 years old and a halfling woman. She is an armorsmith, and is driven by debauchery. She is 2'11" tall and weighs 32 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Zoflia as odd and hidebound. She has amber eyes, brown hair, dark skin, thick-haired feet, and a rosy expression.


  • copper spaulder
  • average oak cart axle
  • mediocre bundle of oak planks
  • poor oak wood barrel
  • average rice ale
  • rice beer
  • average copper bastard sword
  • iron crescent blade
  • average marble slab
  • average oak short bow
  • zinc metal ingot
  • poor copper war pick
  • oak shortbow
  • iron light hammer
  • mediocre oak longbow
  • average alligator leather brigandine
  • mediocre oak wood bench
  • average copper chain hauberk
  • poor iron chain hauberk
  • poor copper pike
  • mediocre copper sickle
  • jaguar
  • poor marble block
  • mediocre bag of rice flour
  • average iron rapier
  • poor wildebeest leather boots
  • average refined opal ore
  • mediocre iron greaves
  • average hippopotamus leather backpack
  • mediocre hippopotamus whip
  • average copper spoon
  • iron sickle
  • copper maul
  • mediocre iron chain shirt
  • average chimpanzee brains
  • oak great bow
  • copper two-handed sword
  • mediocre oak kite shield
  • average jaguar hide shoes
  • mediocre terra cotta pitcher
  • mediocre leopard leather boots
  • marble milling wheel
  • oak tower shield


  • cougar fangs
  • granite
  • loam

Population: 96 (hamlet)

Mayor: Thischerila Zhelves is a 47-year-old Fafzhavzheli halfling woman. She has green eyes, auburn hair, light skin, rough-haired feet, and a neutral expression. Thischerila is 2'8" tall and weighs 30 lbs. She is motivated by greatness. While she is meticulous, agreeable, and humble, she has also been described as complex and complaining. Thischerila's hobby is and she is a vintner.


  • gorilla
  • bag of rice flour
  • average terra cotta pitcher


  • papyrus

Population: 11 (hamlet)

Mayor: Zefar Zertheðarsel is a halfling man of 38 years. He is 3'1" and weighs 34 pounds, with grey eyes, dark brown hair, light skin, wild-haired feet, and a broad nose. Motivated by survival, Zefar is modest, scrupulous, and tractable, as well as noncommittal and trendy. He is a farrier.


  • poor elephant sinew
  • white bass


  • deer antler
  • rabbit

Notable Organizations in The County of Fachzesður

White Lords

The White Lords is a huge mercenary company with 321 members. It's led by Captain Fissior Zherchochselður. The mercenary company is known for being aggressive.