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The fantasy region of The County of Tholgel, ruled by Countess Tholia Kethforfer.

The County of Tholgel

The County of Tholgel is ruled by Countess Tholia Kethforfer. Its capital is Zhalzhar.

This is a foggy marshland region. The weather is cold with many overcast days and strong winds during the spring, pleasant with many overcast days during the summer, cold with many overcast days during the autumn, and freezing with some sun but frequent clouds and fierce winds during the winter.

Quarterly sable and vert, two hares argent

Countess Tholia Kethforfer

Countess Tholia Kethforfer is a 290-year-old Ðirferian mountain dwarven woman. She has hazel eyes, black hair, tan skin, a wild beard, and a flat nose. Tholia is 3'8" tall and weighs 135 lbs. She is motivated by rivalry. While she is organized, companionly, and healthy, she has also been described as uncharitable and confused. Tholia's hobby is gambling and she is a noble. Her coat of arms is described "Quarterly sable and vert, two hares argent."

Notable Towns in The County of Tholgel

Zhalzhar, the capital and Countess Tholia Kethforfer's home

Population: 615,302 (city)

Mayor: Thelzherchiloa Zezvarzhil is a mountain dwarven woman of 51 years. She is 3'11" and weighs 128 pounds, with gold eyes, black hair, dark skin, a full beard, and a rosy expression. Motivated by love, Thelzherchiloa is meticulous, mature, and amiable, as well as arrogant and uncritical. She is a glassmaker.


  • pear cart wheel
  • iron bastard sword
  • zebra hide shoes
  • linen tunic
  • average riding zebra
  • poor refined moonstone ore
  • poor bolt of linen fabric
  • poor cold iron short sword
  • pear
  • mediocre cow leather boots
  • poor willow hand crossbow
  • mediocre millet bread
  • mediocre long cotton tunic
  • poor wheat bread
  • poor medium linen bag
  • mediocre cold iron greaves
  • iron metal bar
  • average bundle of alder planks
  • cypress long bow
  • mediocre zebra sling
  • average rabbit leather
  • cotton breeches
  • cold iron knife
  • poor terra cotta vase
  • iron dagger
  • poor zinc metal ingot
  • poor cold iron war scythe
  • iron trident
  • teak wood tankard
  • average alder wood bowl
  • average iron glaive
  • average large cotton bag
  • mediocre terra cotta bowl
  • cold iron nasal helmet
  • cold iron fork
  • poor balsa heavy crossbow


  • bighead carp
  • sandstone
  • aspen

Population: 738 (village)

Mayor: Zeior Zochofal is a mountain dwarven man of 31 years. He is 3'11" and weighs 134 pounds, with gold eyes, light brown hair, dark skin, a long beard, and a cross-shaped scar on the left cheek. Motivated by greatness, Zeior is high-minded, steady, and sympathetic, as well as puritanical and paternalistic. He is a bard.


  • average iron spear
  • cold iron dagger


  • balsa
  • hemp

Population: 797 (village)

Mayor: Chizizhtheiun Thegirfer is a mountain dwarven man of 35 years. He is 4'0" and weighs 120 pounds, with brown eyes, light brown hair, olive skin, a bristly beard, and rosy cheeks. Motivated by love, Chizizhtheiun is open, sane, and sexy, as well as scornful and willful. He is a cobbler.


  • wheat lager


  • camel teeth
  • deer hide
  • deer antler

Notable Organizations in The County of Tholgel

Academy of Arcane Endeavors

The Academy of Arcane Endeavors is a huge school of wizardry with 171 members. It's led by Headmaster Ðoriun Ðegalgel. The school of wizardry is known for being powerful.

North Wind Apothecary's Guild

The North Wind Apothecary's Guild is a huge guild with 392 members. It's led by Guild Leader Thachchasðirior Zergel. The guild is known for being avaricious.

Society of Mysteries

The Society of Mysteries is a medium wizard society with 22 members. It's led by Archmage Ffeveloa Serfal. The wizard society is known for being guarded.