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The fantasy region of The March of Ferkar, ruled by Marquess Chivcherar Ðovðarthur.

The March of Ferkar

The March of Ferkar is ruled by Marquess Chivcherar Ðovðarthur. Its capital is Thazgirche.

Per fess sable and purpure, three ostriches Or

Marquess Chivcherar Ðovðarthur

Marquess Chivcherar Ðovðarthur is a human man of 78 years. He is 6'4" and weighs 180 pounds, with gold eyes, light brown hair, tan skin, and flat nose. Motivated by fairness, Chivcherar is dignified, caring, and respectful, as well as crude and difficult. He is a noble and has a coat of arms of "Per fess sable and purpure, three ostriches Or."

Notable Towns in The March of Ferkar

Thazgirche, the capital and Marquess Chivcherar Ðovðarthur's home

Population: 893,621 (city)

Mayor: The appreciative, profound, and leader Keðzoriun Zalvel is 55 years old and a human man. He is a tailor, and is driven by fame. He is 6'1" tall and weighs 215 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Keðzoriun as crude and suspicious. He has brown eyes, grey hair, dark skin, and upturned nose.


  • average deer sling
  • sorghum roll
  • poor sorghum beer
  • mediocre bundle of elderberry planks
  • poor iron dart
  • iron pot helm
  • poor iron horseshoe
  • bottle of hippocras
  • mediocre iron spiked chain
  • poor elderberry light crossbow
  • mediocre elderberry wood table
  • average elderberry wood bowl
  • mediocre terra cotta bowl
  • mediocre elderberry cart axle
  • bundle of elderberry logs
  • poor linen pants
  • average iron two-handed sword
  • mediocre elderberry wagon wheel
  • pig sling
  • elderberry wood cask
  • average bottle of braggot
  • average linen dress
  • average iron javelin
  • mediocre iron glaive
  • poor hedgehog leather belt
  • poor iron dagger
  • fox hide
  • poor iron bastard sword


  • alligator
  • duck liver
  • tin
  • sunfish

Population: 33 (hamlet)

Mayor: Chezhfhirvariun Fovzavirfol is a 38-year-old Geli human man. He has hazel eyes, light brown hair, dark skin, and a faraway expression. Chezhfhirvariun is 6'3" tall and weighs 195 lbs. He is motivated by desperation. While he is energetic, courteous, and selfless, he has also been described as repressed and provocative. Chezhfhirvariun's hobby is composing poetry and he is a mason.


  • average fox
  • beeswax
  • mediocre sorghum ale


  • deer sinew

Population: 320 (village)

Mayor: Sagaloa Zhethur is a 54-year-old Geli human woman. She has brown eyes, light brown hair, tan skin, and several light scars. Sagaloa is 5'7" tall and weighs 160 lbs. She is motivated by fairness. While she is loyal, sharing, and admirable, she has also been described as sensual and irreligious. Sagaloa's hobby is playing darts and she is a philosopher.


  • poor deer sling
  • terra cotta mug
  • average iron warhammer
  • iron sickle


  • pork loin
  • cougar

Notable Organizations in The March of Ferkar

Order of Eldritch Arts

The Order of Eldritch Arts is a big wizard society with 75 members. It's led by Archmage Fevgiðkilua Ðirthur. The wizard society is known for being powerful.