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The fantasy region of The Viscounty of Gumgom, ruled by Viscount Gingen Gimkem.

The Viscounty of Gumgom

The Viscounty of Gumgom is ruled by Viscount Gingen Gimkem. Its capital is Kecha.

This is a foggy marshland region. The weather is pleasant with lots of sun and fierce winds during the spring, hot with many overcast days and strong winds during the summer, pleasant with many overcast days and light winds during the autumn, and cold with some sun but frequent clouds during the winter.

Per saltire azure and purpure, two bugle horns argent

Viscount Gingen Gimkem

Viscount Gingen Gimkem is a human man of 61 years. He is 5'10" and weighs 190 pounds, with brown eyes, light brown hair, dark skin, and a muted expression. Motivated by family, Gingen is compassionate, imaginative, and faithful, as well as old-fashioned and contemptible. He is a noble and has a coat of arms of "Per saltire azure and purpure, two bugle horns argent."

Notable Towns in The Viscounty of Gumgom

Kecha, the capital and Viscount Gingen Gimkem's home

Population: 967,478 (city)

Mayor: The sweet, conciliatory, and capable Gotgengoon Chigchagang is 59 years old and a human man. He is a farmer, and is driven by creativity. He is 5'4" tall and weighs 195 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Gotgengoon as egocentric and ruined. He has grey eyes, dark brown hair, olive skin, and a muted expression.


  • average adamantine war pick
  • poor olive wagon axle
  • jute shirt
  • cottonwood wood barrel
  • acacia short spear
  • poor white pine shortbow
  • average acacia buckler
  • mediocre cottonwood great bow
  • poor basalt block
  • mediocre jute slippers
  • mediocre bottle of olive wine
  • coyote hide sandals
  • average healing draught
  • poor healing potion
  • white pine wood barrel
  • poor jute tunic
  • coyote
  • large jute blanket
  • average iron pot helm
  • mediocre iron halberd
  • average cottonwood buckler
  • poor iron quarterstaff
  • iron glaive
  • average rice ale
  • average cottonwood wagon wheel
  • mediocre iron chain hauberk
  • average acacia kite shield
  • large jute bag
  • iron pauldrons
  • average iron close helm
  • mediocre oat roll
  • mediocre deer hide turnshoes
  • average iron two-handed sword
  • poor cottonwood tower shield
  • basalt slab
  • iron nasal helmet
  • oat bread
  • average olive crossbow
  • average iron scimitar
  • average hemlock great bow
  • mediocre iron maul
  • mediocre white pine wood bench
  • iron short sword
  • poor iron javelin
  • poor cottonwood crossbow
  • average refined iron ore
  • poor iron morningstar
  • mediocre iron bastard sword
  • mediocre coyote hide turnshoes
  • iron greataxe
  • poor bundle of poplar logs


  • goose liver
  • silver
  • crocodile

Population: 641 (village)

Mayor: Chomi Gepgankem is a 37-year-old Kedgumese human woman. She has amber eyes, brown hair, light skin, and rosy cheeks. Chomi is 5'7" tall and weighs 160 lbs. She is motivated by justice. While she is sporting, self-defacing, and sage, she has also been described as foolish and prejudiced. Chomi's hobby is and she is a farmer.


  • white pine
  • mediocre olive
  • poor deer hide shoes


  • goat hide

Notable Organizations in The Viscounty of Gumgom

Academy of Wizarding Arts

The Academy of Wizarding Arts is a huge school of wizardry with 251 members. It's led by Headmaster Gemmi Changchin. The school of wizardry is known for being closeted.

Free Company

The Free Company is a medium adventuring company with 33 members. It's led by Captain Kepkimnia Kangkem. The adventuring company is known for being selfless.