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The fantasy region of The County of Parbor, ruled by Count Pekaran Bikaf'Pader.

The County of Parbor

The County of Parbor is ruled by Count Pekaran Bikaf'Pader. Its capital is Deð'Berber.

Per pale vert and Or, two dragons passant argent

Count Pekaran Bikaf'Pader

The fun-loving, sage, and vivacious Count Pekaran Bikaf'Pader is 81 years old and a human man. He is a noble, and is driven by a desire to better oneself. He is 5'6" tall and weighs 185 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Pekaran as presumptuous and intolerant. He has blue eyes, black hair, dark skin, and a rosy expression.

Notable Towns in The County of Parbor

Deð'Berber, the capital and Count Pekaran Bikaf'Pader's home

Population: 758,522 (city)

Mayor: The eloquent, curious, and principled Garet Tirpa is 35 years old and a human woman. She is a tailor, and is driven by survival. She is 5'1" tall and weighs 170 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Garet as modern and muddle-headed. She has amber eyes, auburn hair, dark skin, and ruddy cheeks.


  • lemon cart axle
  • coconut blowgun
  • lime longbow
  • poor earthenware pitcher
  • mediocre earthenware bowl
  • mediocre copper greatsword
  • hedgehog whip
  • average gorilla brains
  • hedgehog leather
  • poor sorghum roll
  • palm tower shield
  • mediocre cinnamon wood bowl
  • poor iron mace
  • mediocre sorghum bread
  • mediocre sandstone slab
  • average watermelon
  • lemon shortbow
  • poor a quiver of arrows
  • avocado wood tankard
  • poor earthenware mug
  • mediocre goat sling
  • bottle of metheglin
  • copper short sword
  • copper maul
  • average coconut club
  • copper pauldrons
  • goat whip
  • average iron battle axe
  • copper long sword
  • refined iron ore
  • poor bundle of lemon logs
  • copper light hammer
  • mediocre iron hand saw
  • mediocre palm club
  • mediocre cinnamon wood chair
  • average lemon wagon wheel
  • palm longbow


  • striped bass
  • raw jasper ore
  • silt
  • duck feathers
  • iron

Population: 793,246 (city)

Mayor: Kezhdelon Dechkartel is a 44-year-old Dizhbirish human man. He has amber eyes, auburn hair, tan skin, and a faded scar. Kezhdelon is 6'5" tall and weighs 215 lbs. He is motivated by loyalty. While he is lovable, capable, and objective, he has also been described as insecure and blunt. Kezhdelon's hobby is hawking and he is a distiller.


  • iron war pick
  • lime hand crossbow
  • copper short sword
  • poor crocodile sling
  • poor sandstone slab
  • average bottle of hippocras
  • copper fork
  • mediocre iron breastplate
  • iron handaxe
  • mediocre copper hammer
  • average copper gorget
  • poor lime heater shield
  • poor lemon shortbow
  • mediocre bag of sorghum flour
  • mediocre mudhen feathers
  • poor palm blowgun
  • mediocre lemon wood table
  • lemon greatclub
  • earthenware bowl
  • bottle of mead
  • lemon buckler
  • copper war pick
  • sandstone milling wheel
  • poor a quiver of arrows
  • poor iron spiked chain
  • poor copper warhammer
  • mediocre goat whip
  • poor lime buckler
  • lemon great bow
  • poor stick of sealing wax
  • copper glaive
  • mediocre cinnamon great bow
  • average iron sickle
  • average copper spear
  • average iron maul
  • lime long bow
  • mediocre warthog hide boots
  • average iron pauldrons
  • poor lead metal ingot
  • sorghum roll
  • copper bastard sword
  • rice lager
  • hedgehog leather boots
  • poor wolf sling
  • poor copper pike
  • copper flail
  • poor copper gauntlet
  • average copper quarterstaff
  • poor coconut wood barrel
  • mediocre wolf hide turnshoes
  • mediocre avocado hand crossbow
  • earthenware mug
  • average iron greaves
  • cinnamon tower shield
  • mediocre copper scimitar
  • average bottle of watermelon wine
  • mediocre lemon club
  • average crocodile hide turnshoes
  • warthog leather boots


  • horse hide
  • beaver sinew

Population: 932 (village)

Mayor: The personable, sweet, and lovable Bothtalan Kizhpi'Beltel is 39 years old and a human man. He is a blacksmith, and is driven by conspiracy. He is 6'5" tall and weighs 180 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Bothtalan as moody and envious. He has gold eyes, brown hair, bronze skin, and pock-marked cheeks.


  • average refined iron ore
  • avocado shortbow


  • dirt
  • golden shiner

Notable Organizations in The County of Parbor

Incorporated Brewer's Guild

The Incorporated Brewer's Guild is a huge guild with 121 members. It's led by Guild Leader Bechpea Gaðbalker. The guild is known for being frugal.

Black Wyverns

The Black Wyverns is a huge mercenary company with 371 members. It's led by Captain Pelon Dichgirpa. The mercenary company is known for being aggressive.