Region: The County of Thirfufzhas

The fantasy region of The County of Thirfufzhas, ruled by Count Zechelvifion Ðesfis.

The County of Thirfufzhas is ruled by Count Zechelvifion Ðesfis. Its capital is Vilvifthif.

Per bend sinister gules and purpure, a lion sejant regardant Or

Count Zechelvifion Ðesfis

Count Zechelvifion Ðesfis is a 36-year-old Vasian human man. He has brown eyes, dark brown hair, brown skin, and a rosy expression. Zechelvifion is 6'2" tall and weighs 195 lbs. He is motivated by rivalry. While he is fun-loving, rustic, and colorful, he has also been described as selfish and repressed. Zechelvifion's hobby is gambling and he is a noble. His coat of arms is described "Per bend sinister gules and purpure, a lion sejant regardant Or."

Notable Towns in The County of Thirfufzhas

Vilvifthif, the capital and Count Zechelvifion Ðesfis's home

Population: 208,790 (city)

Mayor: The neat, faithful, and sweet Chefia Vilchusthas is 58 years old and a human woman. She is a wizard, and is driven by laziness. She is 5'11" tall and weighs 175 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Chefia as apathetic and cynical. She has brown eyes, black hair, brown skin, and pointed nose.




Population: 1,050,976 (metropolis)

Mayor: Chorchafi Ðasvof is a human woman of 51 years. She is 5'2" and weighs 130 pounds, with brown eyes, black hair, tan skin, and flat nose. Motivated by escaping destiny, Chorchafi is humble, profound, and honorable, as well as suspicious and venomous. She is a brewer.




Population: 2,257 (town)

Mayor: Chision Sarchasvof is a human man of 55 years. He is 5'8" and weighs 215 pounds, with green eyes, grey hair, light skin, and a serious expression. Motivated by love, Chision is high-minded, dynamic, and sentimental, as well as superficial and restrained. He is a priest.



Notable Organizations in The County of Thirfufzhas

Burning Pikes

The Burning Pikes is a medium adventuring company with 46 members. It's led by Captain Sazerzaen Susefis. The adventuring company is known for being forceful.