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The fantasy region of The County of Rigek, ruled by Countess Jiðkooli Hazaphid.

The County of Rigek

The County of Rigek is ruled by Countess Jiðkooli Hazaphid. Its capital is Gebtop.

This is a sparse taiga region. The weather is snowy with many overcast days during the spring, rainy with many overcast days and light winds during the summer, snowy with many overcast days and fierce winds during the autumn, and snowy with many overcast days and light winds during the winter.

Per fess sable and Or, a bugle horn Or

Countess Jiðkooli Hazaphid

Countess Jiðkooli Hazaphid is a gnome woman of 86 years. She is 3'2" and weighs 36 pounds, with grey eyes, grey hair, dark skin, and flat nose. Motivated by greed, Jiðkooli is earnest, colorful, and self-reliant, as well as unconvincing and unprincipled. She is a noble and has a coat of arms of "Per fess sable and Or, a bugle horn Or."

Notable Towns in The County of Rigek

Gebtop, the capital and Countess Jiðkooli Hazaphid's home

Population: 173,729 (city)

Mayor: Mopali Tatgek is a 49-year-old Yeðcawapese gnome woman. She has hazel eyes, red hair, bronze skin, and several battle scars. Mopali is 3'4" tall and weighs 35 lbs. She is motivated by gaining acceptance. While she is sophisticated, relaxed, and open, she has also been described as determined and transparent. Mopali's hobby is dancing and she is a tanner.


  • mediocre terra cotta bowl
  • average cotton slippers
  • cotton breeches
  • average copper spaulder
  • goat leather brigandine
  • mediocre terra cotta pitcher
  • refined opal ore
  • iron gauntlet
  • poor zebra leather
  • iron greatsword
  • mediocre bottle of strawberry wine
  • poor zebra hide sandals
  • poor pork ribs
  • jute slippers
  • bag of oat flour
  • average war zebra
  • poor bolt of jute fabric
  • poor goat leather backpack
  • average zebra
  • iron sickle
  • average oat beer
  • average iron bastard sword
  • average copper nasal helmet
  • average refined copper ore
  • copper rapier
  • mediocre lead metal ingot
  • mediocre iron hammer
  • iron spiked chain
  • poor small linen blanket
  • mediocre spool of linen thread
  • mediocre deer leather brigandine
  • mediocre iron scimitar
  • poor potato
  • riding zebra
  • average jute pants
  • copper hammer
  • mediocre pig hide sandals
  • oat lager
  • average iron spaulder
  • poor pig hide boots
  • deer sling
  • oat roll
  • average pig hide shoes


  • soapstone
  • zebra
  • acorn squash

Population: 673 (village)

Mayor: Yasscakand Qukgek is a 44-year-old Yeðcawapese gnome man. He has blue eyes, grey hair, light skin, and ruddy cheeks. Yasscakand is 3'2" tall and weighs 40 lbs. He is motivated by fame. While he is rustic, balanced, and intelligent, he has also been described as narrow-minded and fixed. Yasscakand's hobby is playing games of strategy and he is a priest.


  • poor lead metal ingot


  • pig sinew
  • monitor lizard
  • yam

Population: 184 (village)

Mayor: Fosgeband Cepgek is a gnome man of 48 years. He is 3'6" and weighs 40 pounds, with amber eyes, light brown hair, light skin, and pointed nose. Motivated by pleasure, Fosgeband is idealistic, independent, and considerate, as well as fiery and arbitrary. He is a baker.


  • poor raccoon hide boots
  • mediocre jute slippers


  • raw amethyst ore
  • papyrus
  • horse hide

Notable Organizations in The County of Rigek

Order of the Arcane Circle

The Order of the Arcane Circle is a medium wizard society with 49 members. It's led by Archmage Yovagoli Sefhfidlag. The wizard society is known for being reckless.

Institute of Arcane Arts

The Institute of Arcane Arts is a huge school of wizardry with 282 members. It's led by Headmaster Labastor Wachlib. The school of wizardry is known for being closeted.

Black Pikes

The Black Pikes is a medium adventuring company with 33 members. It's led by Captain Radeela Tevlabweb. The adventuring company is known for being heroic.

Penitent Church of the Forest

The Penitent Church of the Forest is a huge church with 145 members. It's led by High Priest Yabamn Qukgek. The church is known for being merciful.