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The fantasy region of The County of Fapha, ruled by Countess Chegeha Sachfig.

The County of Fapha

The County of Fapha is ruled by Countess Chegeha Sachfig. Its capital is Vachhad.

Per pale gules and chequy Or and ermine, a tiger passant argent

Countess Chegeha Sachfig

The warm, challenging, and polished Countess Chegeha Sachfig is 75 years old and a human woman. She is a noble, and is driven by faith. She is 6'0" tall and weighs 200 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Chegeha as unconvincing and graceless. She has green eyes, dark brown hair, brown skin, and several battle scars.

Notable Towns in The County of Fapha

Vachhad, the capital and Countess Chegeha Sachfig's home

Population: 263,957 (city)

Mayor: Zachala Thefchachha is a 55-year-old Fofepian human woman. She has green eyes, red hair, brown skin, and a serious expression. Zachala is 5'2" tall and weighs 135 lbs. She is motivated by romance. While she is sweet, passionate, and confident, she has also been described as forgetful and mistaken. Zachala's hobby is feasting and she is a cleric.


  • poor wheat lager
  • maple great bow
  • average iron knife
  • mediocre elm hand crossbow
  • poor wheat beer
  • poor iron war pick
  • copper short sword
  • average iron breastplate
  • elderberry blowgun
  • poor loam
  • ramie breeches
  • average elderberry heater shield
  • average iron nasal helmet
  • average iron close helm
  • mediocre iron scimitar
  • average hedgehog leather
  • copper scimitar
  • refined copper ore
  • average copper handaxe
  • copper long sword
  • iron hammer
  • bottle of cantaloupe wine
  • poor stoneware mug
  • poor jute shirt
  • iron crescent blade
  • poor granite milling wheel
  • hedgehog sling
  • mediocre elm long bow
  • poor copper gorget
  • mediocre iron maul
  • bolt of ramie fabric
  • poor goat hide boots
  • average wheat ale
  • jute tunic
  • poor iron spoon
  • mediocre goat sling
  • mediocre bottle of braggot
  • poor large silk bag
  • iron pot helm
  • average goat whip
  • average iron metal bar
  • mediocre healing potion
  • mediocre granite block
  • copper trident
  • wolf hide boots
  • mediocre iron war scythe
  • long silk tunic
  • hedgehog leather boots
  • long jute tunic
  • hedgehog whip
  • copper greataxe
  • mediocre elm short bow
  • average copper greaves
  • average iron morningstar
  • average iron quarterstaff
  • mediocre iron sickle
  • average goat leather
  • mediocre stoneware bowl
  • poor copper bastard sword
  • poor cougar leather belt
  • average iron javelin
  • average elm wagon axle
  • average a quiver of arrows
  • mediocre stick of sealing wax
  • average large hemp bag
  • mediocre healing draught
  • falcon feathers
  • poor copper metal bar
  • mediocre wheat roll
  • copper two-handed sword
  • silk blouse
  • mediocre copper morningstar


  • parsley
  • death cap mushroom
  • deer antler
  • quail eggs

Population: 959 (village)

Mayor: Shigala Thaha is a human woman of 41 years. She is 5'10" and weighs 125 pounds, with grey eyes, grey hair, tan skin, and pock-marked cheeks. Motivated by duty, Shigala is agreeable, esthetic, and passionate, as well as unaggressive and bizarre. She is a cleric.


  • honeycomb


  • habanero
  • deer antler
  • iron

Population: 4,112 (town)

Mayor: The subtle, independent, and farsighted Shojðebih Thithat is 42 years old and a human man. He is a bowyer, and is driven by love. He is 6'0" tall and weighs 190 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Shojðebih as arrogant and rigid. He has blue eyes, red hair, olive skin, and several light scars.


  • average pineapple short spear
  • average deer antler
  • average iron long sword
  • poor iron javelin
  • pineapple wagon wheel
  • boar sling
  • silk blouse
  • poor elm great bow
  • iron nasal helmet
  • mediocre bottle of hippocras
  • mediocre goat hide shoes
  • average elderberry wood bench
  • mediocre wolf hide boots
  • poor iron greataxe
  • average iron dagger
  • turkey eggs
  • mediocre chimpanzee brains
  • mediocre silk quilt
  • mediocre pineapple
  • poor wheat lager
  • elderberry longbow
  • mediocre elderberry heater shield
  • elderberry great bow
  • iron pike
  • raw amethyst ore
  • mediocre iron greatsword


  • duck eggs
  • boar sinew
  • leopard fangs

Notable Organizations in The County of Fapha

Iron Axes

The Iron Axes is a small adventuring company with 11 members. It's led by Captain Chekah Hafig. The adventuring company is known for being charismatic.

Brotherhood of Arcane Arts

The Brotherhood of Arcane Arts is a big wizard society with 99 members. It's led by Archmage Figeh Vidfig. The wizard society is known for being aggressive.

East Wind Tanner's Guild

The East Wind Tanner's Guild is a medium guild with 35 members. It's led by Guild Leader Ffekih Hikhat. The guild is known for being charitable.

School of Mystical Arts

The School of Mystical Arts is a huge school of wizardry with 166 members. It's led by Headmaster Thabih Chekche. The school of wizardry is known for being closeted.