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The fantasy region of The County of Kragkraw, ruled by Count Zhegtringesh Hegcho.

The County of Kragkraw

The County of Kragkraw is ruled by Count Zhegtringesh Hegcho. Its capital is Gibða.

Per bend sinister sable and purpure, two thigh bones argent

Count Zhegtringesh Hegcho

Count Zhegtringesh Hegcho is a 233-year-old Sheki high elven man. He has gold eyes, red hair, tan skin, and some battle scars. Zhegtringesh is 5'11" tall and weighs 111 lbs. He is motivated by fear. While he is popular, trusting, and adaptable, he has also been described as stiff and smooth. Zhegtringesh's hobby is whittling and he is a noble. His coat of arms is described "Per bend sinister sable and purpure, two thigh bones argent."

Notable Towns in The County of Kragkraw

Gibða, the capital and Count Zhegtringesh Hegcho's home

Population: 936,732 (city)

Mayor: Thakasha Brigbrakak is a 34-year-old Sheki high elven woman. She has gold eyes, black hair, tan skin, and thin nose. Thakasha is 5'2" tall and weighs 65 lbs. She is motivated by power. While she is winning, courteous, and fun-loving, she has also been described as aggressive and hostile. Thakasha's hobby is carving and she is a noble.


  • poor a quiver of arrows
  • mediocre refined diamond ore
  • poor ash tower shield
  • copper flail
  • mediocre copper breastplate
  • average copper hammer
  • rice roll
  • copper horseshoe
  • mediocre donkey hide boots
  • birch great bow
  • poor copper glaive
  • bundle of willow logs
  • poor willow club
  • average iron horseshoe
  • poor ash cart axle
  • refined lead ore
  • donkey whip
  • mediocre iron glaive
  • average birch buckler
  • bag of rice flour
  • mediocre riding donkey
  • ash kite shield
  • average golden rainbow trout
  • rice lager
  • average copper greatsword
  • average ash club
  • copper morningstar
  • ash blowgun
  • birch wood tankard
  • poor iron gauntlet
  • poor birch lance
  • iron war pick
  • average ash heavy crossbow
  • average birch wood table
  • mediocre deer leather brigandine
  • bundle of birch planks
  • beaver leather boots
  • poor birch cart wheel
  • poor iron knife
  • ash wood bowl
  • average ash greatclub
  • iron bastard sword
  • mediocre willow blowgun
  • war donkey
  • iron spaulder
  • bottle of rice wine
  • deer hide turnshoes
  • copper spiked chain
  • copper javelin
  • birch wagon axle
  • poor copper fork
  • poor willow cart wheel
  • mediocre pack donkey
  • stoneware bowl
  • stoneware mug
  • poor willow wood barrel
  • iron short sword
  • average ash great bow
  • poor deer sling
  • mediocre copper crescent blade
  • mediocre ash lance
  • mediocre birch short bow
  • average copper mace
  • poor ash wagon wheel
  • mediocre stoneware pitcher
  • iron trident
  • bundle of willow planks
  • ash buckler
  • mediocre iron handaxe
  • mediocre iron spoon


  • tin
  • cow sinew
  • calf brains
  • skipjack herring
  • mountain goat horn

Population: 101 (village)

Mayor: The responsible, shrewd, and scholarly Seih Sekak is 49 years old and a high elven man. He is a bowyer, and is driven by fear. He is 6'4" tall and weighs 102 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Seih as miserly and opportunistic. He has hazel eyes, dark brown hair, tan skin, and a cross-shaped scar on the left cheek.


  • mediocre squirrel
  • mediocre bag of rice flour


  • slate
  • pinto beans
  • boysenberry

Population: 32 (hamlet)

Mayor: Vaag Chakthukcho is a 55-year-old Sheki high elven man. He has grey eyes, grey hair, bronze skin, and ragged scars. Vaag is 5'8" tall and weighs 117 lbs. He is motivated by freedom. While he is colorful, forceful, and uncomplaining, he has also been described as forgetful and malicious. Vaag's hobby is gambling and he is a wizard.


  • stoneware pitcher
  • stoneware vase
  • quail feathers


  • hedgehog

Notable Organizations in The County of Kragkraw

Academy of Eldritch Investigations

The Academy of Eldritch Investigations is a huge school of wizardry with 462 members. It's led by Headmaster Chosapiha Vikraw. The school of wizardry is known for being regimented.

Brotherhood of Mystical Arts

The Brotherhood of Mystical Arts is a big wizard society with 89 members. It's led by Archmage Shekashem Thegcho. The wizard society is known for being closeted.