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The fantasy region of The Duchy of Xitakzig, ruled by Duke Liastor Sizhemido.

The Duchy of Xitakzig

The Duchy of Xitakzig is ruled by Duke Liastor Sizhemido. Its capital is Zadyeg.

Per bend sinister argent and sable, two bugle horns gules

Duke Liastor Sizhemido

The respectful, gallant, and logical Duke Liastor Sizhemido is 38 years old and a tiefling man. He is a noble, and is driven by knowledge. He is 5'11" tall and weighs 215 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Liastor as critical and unimaginative. He has silver eyes, purple hair, red skin, short straight horns, and ragged scars.

Notable Towns in The Duchy of Xitakzig

Zadyeg, the capital and Duke Liastor Sizhemido's home

Population: 560,364 (city)

Mayor: Naðmadea Visazhvayit is a 53-year-old Pokibish tiefling woman. She has black eyes, brown hair, bronze skin, spiral downard horns, and narrow nose. Naðmadea is 5'3" tall and weighs 195 lbs. She is motivated by ambition. While she is reflective, capable, and forgiving, she has also been described as deceptive and private. Naðmadea's hobby is and she is a jeweller.


  • copper metal bar
  • mediocre pig leather brigandine
  • average elderberry cart wheel
  • poor copper spangenhelm
  • mediocre terra cotta pitcher
  • poor bottle of braggot
  • average elderberry wood cask
  • poor short linen tunic
  • average goat whip
  • mediocre copper war pick
  • a quiver of arrows
  • average iron nasal helmet
  • terra cotta vase
  • mediocre refined lead ore
  • mediocre copper warhammer
  • average pineapple wood barrel
  • average elderberry tower shield
  • mediocre long hemp tunic
  • copper knife
  • bag of spelt flour
  • pineapple kite shield
  • average copper gauntlet
  • average hemp tunic
  • mediocre pineapple wood cask
  • poor bottle of mead
  • poor small linen bag
  • mediocre iron glaive
  • pineapple wagon axle
  • goat hide shoes
  • iron greaves
  • mediocre copper bastard sword
  • mediocre copper rapier
  • average bottle of hippocras
  • poor copper two-handed sword
  • short silk tunic
  • elderberry greatclub
  • terra cotta bowl
  • mediocre pineapple lance
  • copper maul
  • average iron bastard sword
  • mediocre pineapple club


  • sandstone
  • monkey brains
  • boar sinew
  • raw moonstone ore
  • hippopotamus

Population: 4,218 (town)

Mayor: The well-read, compassionate, and brilliant Gadea L'Iðhakzig is 54 years old and a tiefling woman. She is a tanner, and is driven by greed. She is 5'5" tall and weighs 150 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Gadea as busy and escapist. She has gold eyes, black hair, tan skin, curling horns, and long nose.


  • average medium silk bag
  • salt
  • mediocre stick of sealing wax
  • mediocre elderberry greatclub
  • poor pineapple buckler
  • poor elderberry kite shield
  • mediocre spelt
  • hemp blouse
  • average pork ribs
  • pineapple kite shield
  • copper hand saw
  • mediocre mudhen feathers
  • elderberry wood bowl
  • average spelt lager
  • bobcat
  • pineapple wood chair
  • bundle of elderberry planks
  • elderberry wood barrel
  • average copper spear
  • mediocre large silk blanket
  • average pineapple wood table
  • copper pot helm
  • pineapple wood bowl
  • elderberry
  • pig hide
  • average goat leather backpack
  • average copper sickle


  • pork intestine

Population: 27 (hamlet)

Mayor: The challenging, accessible, and leader Hachxachali Wachzakzig is 50 years old and a tiefling woman. She is an armorsmith, and is driven by survival. She is 5'5" tall and weighs 160 lbs. Despite a generally positive perception, some describe Hachxachali as proud and confidential. She has silver eyes, black hair, olive skin, curling horns, and a muted expression.


  • poor potato
  • poor eggplant


  • goat hide
  • venison

Population: 9,292 (town)

Mayor: Qizhtachand Fegzig is a 41-year-old Pokibish tiefling man. He has red eyes, dark red hair, brown skin, long straight horns, and a faded scar. Qizhtachand is 6'6" tall and weighs 195 lbs. He is motivated by desperation. While he is respectful, reflective, and charming, he has also been described as disruptive and fanatical. Qizhtachand's hobby is hunting and he is a wizard.


  • mediocre fox leather boots
  • goat leather belt
  • mediocre lead metal ingot
  • copper knife
  • poor wheat ale
  • average iron long sword
  • iron pauldrons
  • iron glaive
  • mediocre flying fox wing
  • copper greaves
  • mediocre elderberry wood bowl
  • goat hide sandals
  • bolt of linen fabric
  • poor squirrel leather
  • poor squirrel sling
  • mediocre terra cotta mug
  • poor elderberry wood barrel


  • deer hide

Notable Organizations in The Duchy of Xitakzig

School of Mystical Studies

The School of Mystical Studies is a huge school of wizardry with 383 members. It's led by Headmaster Welyapeli Valnathmikda. The school of wizardry is known for being knowledgeable.

Free Company

The Free Company is a huge mercenary company with 266 members. It's led by Captain Zidaand Quchnethcado. The mercenary company is known for being dishonorable.

Imperial Weaponsmith's Guild

The Imperial Weaponsmith's Guild is a huge guild with 462 members. It's led by Guild Leader Gagest Nosbazjegpep. The guild is known for being manipulative.