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This website hosts tools intended to make life easier for players of tabletop RPGs. It's a living website, and will continue to receive new tools on a semiregular basis.

My name is Ben Overmyer. I'm the developer behind this site and the tools it presents. I'm happy to take suggestions - either for my existing generators, or for new tools you wish existed. Email me at!

Lastly, if you find this site useful, consider buying me a coffee. The server costs are not cheap, heh.

Star System Generator has been added

Published Wednesday October 7th, 2020

There's now a star system generator. Everything it creates is procedurally generated. For example, here's a "garden planet:"

This is the first of several sci-fi generators I have planned. Over time, this one will see more detail. I'm toying with the idea of also generating sentient alien races for the habitable worlds.

User profiles, user heraldry, and more!

Published Monday September 28th, 2020

User profiles have been added. Right now this doesn't mean much, since there aren't many ways for people to see other users' contributions. This will change in the future.

One big thing that's been added, though, is user heraldry. Now you can claim any unclaimed heraldry as your own personal coat-of-arms. You can only have one at a time, so if you change your mind and pick a new one, the old one becomes unclaimed once again. However, once it's been claimed, then it's yours and yours alone.

Here's mine:

Also, I added administration features. One of these is a statistics page. I was shocked to discover that this site has over a thousand registered users! So happy belated One Thousand to the community!

Finally, more customization has been added to the culture and region generators. You can now pick the biome to use for them. The language selector has changed just a little, too, with the option to pick a random language type. I plan on adding more pre-built languages in the future, including Dwarvish, Elvish, and others.

Organizations and Pennons!

Published Tuesday September 15th, 2020

Another big update today. Organizations have been expanded and added as a major component of the site alongside cultures, regions, and heraldry. This was partly inspired by September's rpg_generators challenge, but also because I've been meaning to enhance them for awhile.

Names and traits of organizations have been tweaked to add more variety. Several new heraldic charges were added specifically to make organization heraldry make more sense. Factions were added to give organizations more character and internal variety.

The other big addition is pennons; sometimes called pennants. These triangular variations of heraldry are now included alongside regular heraldic devices on new heraldry generated. They're also used as part of the organizations.

In order to add pennons, I had to implement parsing a blazon to recreate a device. That feature isn't exposed to users yet, but it makes some other features possible, like generating new artwork from existing heraldry.

Here's an example of how a pennon compares to its device:

Notice how there's only one charge in the pennon, and the tinctures have been simplified. This is by design.

There will be new features based on this concept in the future, so keep an eye out for them!