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Procedural Generation Tools for Tabletop Role-playing Games

This website hosts tools intended to make life easier for players of tabletop RPGs. It's a living website, and will continue to receive new tools on a semiregular basis.

My name is Ben Overmyer. I'm the developer behind this site and the tools it presents. I'm happy to take suggestions - either for my existing generators, or for new tools you wish existed. Email me at!

Latest News

129 new charges added to the heraldry generator

January 25, 2020 20:54

Yes, you read that right. There are now 192 possible charges in the heraldry generator. Also, I added a system on the back end for finding charges by tag, so in the future there's going to be the possibility to specify not just shield shape but also a general category of charge that you want to have for your heraldry.

Here are some coats of arms that have been generated with the new charges:

Per bend sable and purpure, a merman Or

Per bend sable and purpure, a merman Or

Quarterly azure and gules, three pestals argent

Quarterly azure and gules, three pestals argent

Purpure, a unicorn argent

Purpure, a unicorn argent

Server upgrade

In addition, I doubled the CPU and RAM for the server powering this site. This will help alleviate some of the random crashes you may have seen while generating things.

The User Account update is live!

January 12, 2020 20:15

After a ton of work, the User Account update is live on the site!

You can now register an account for Iron Arachne. When you're logged in, any cultures, regions, or heraldry you generate will be linked to your account. You don't have to be logged in to use the site, though.

The most recent creations are listed on each subsection. Also, if you have an account, you can see all of your creations on a personal dashboard.

In addition, this blog's content now appears on the front page of the Iron Arachne website, so you no longer need to go to a separate site to see it.

More content-oriented updates are on the horizon now that this feature rollout is complete!

December 2019 Update: Last of the Decade

December 23, 2019 13:34

2019 has been an interesting year for Iron Arachne. It saw a major rewrite of the heraldry generator, a TON of updates to the culture and climate generators, and a lot of fleshing out of details. Since the world repository was created in April of this year, it's seen just under 97,000 lines of code added, 61,000 lines of code deleted, and about 250 commits. Four people other than myself contributed code during Hacktoberfest.

The biggest milestone for the site this year was the incorporation of the heraldry generator into Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator, which significantly boosted traffic to the site. Having such a big injection of traffic exposed several problems with the site that I've been steadily working to fix. Some of these problems are trickier than others, such as a memory leak that I have yet to track down.

2020 is going to see some major changes to Iron Arachne. I'm working on adding user accounts to the site so that people can save results permanently. At the moment, the only saving that happens is the writing of image files and the caching of data. That data cache is wiped out every time I need to restart the server hosting the site.

I'm also going to rewrite the front end website in Crystal. I'm curious about Crystal and excited about the advantages it would bring over PHP. A new design for the site is also in the works. That should launch sometime in the middle of the year next year, unless something changes.

That's it for now. See you in the new decade!

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