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Arms Manufacturer Generator

This generator produces sci-fi arms manufacturing companies.

Opuvo Corporation is known for their pistols. They focus heavily on reliability. Their market presence is almost nonexistent.


AS-60 pistol

This sidearm has kicks hard, has a reverberating firing sound, and fires incendiary rounds and a sensitive trigger, an extended barrel, and a biometric grip. It kicks hard,has a reverberating firing sound,fires incendiary rounds.

BG-5500 pistol

This pistol has is loud when it fires and has good accuracy and a grooved barrel. It is loud when it fires,has good accuracy.

UJ-90 pistol

This pistol has kicks hard and has a reverberating firing sound and a comfortable trigger. It kicks hard,has a reverberating firing sound.

G-60 energy pistol

This pistol has has no recoil and emits a low sound when it fires and a short barrel. It has no recoil,emits a low sound when it fires.