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Chop Shop Generator

This is a cyberpunk chop shop generator.

The shop's dark exterior walls are offset by neon lights bordering the doorway, giving it the appearance of a portal into another world. The shop's entrance is disguised as a run-down convenience store, complete with shelves stocked with junk food and old magazines. Several mannequins stand in the center of the room, each wearing a different cybernetic enhancement. The mannequins are surrounded by spotlights, giving them an almost lifelike appearance. A few customers argue loudly with the attendants over the cost of the enhancements, while others look on in annoyance. The cyberlab is dimly lit and filled with the hum of electronic equipment. Rows of microscalpels line the walls, ready to be used at a moment's notice. Two technicians in immaculate uniforms stand ready to assist the cyberdoc in any way necessary.