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AD&D 2e Character Generator

This is an AD&D 2e character generator.

A level 1 gnome thief

XP: 0

HP: 5

AC: 6

THAC0: 20

Alignment: true neutral

Currency: 40 gp


Strength: 18/86

Dexterity: 10

Constitution: 11

Charisma: 10

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 6

Saving Throws

Paralyzation, Poison, or Death Magic: 13

Rod, Staff, or Wand: 17

Petrification or Polymorph: 12

Breath Weapon: 16

Spell: 18

Derived Stats

Hit Probability: +4

Damage Adjustment: +4

Weight Allowance: 185

Maximum Press: 330

Open Doors: 14

Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 30%

Reaction Adjustment: 0

Missile Attack Adjustment: 0

Defensive Adjustment: 0

Hit Point Adjustment:

System Shock: 75%

Resurrection Survival: 80%

Poison Save: 0

Regeneration: nil

Number of Languages: 2

Spell Level: 5th

Chance To Learn Spell: 40%

Maximum Number of Spells Per Level: 7

Illusion Immunity: N/A

Magical Defense Adjustment: -1

Bonus Priest Spells: N/A

Chance of Spell Failure: 35%

Spell Immunity: N/A

Maximum Number of Henchmen: 4

Loyalty Base: 0

Reaction Adjustment (NPCs): 0


Weapon Damage Type Damage (SM/L) Spd. Factor
broad sword slashing 2d4/1d6+1 5


studded leather


20% chance of magical item malfunction, except weapons, armor, shields, and illusionist items (and, if the gnome is a thief, items that duplicate thieving abilities)

+1 to hit kobolds or goblins

When gnolls, bugbears, ogres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, or titans attack gnomes, subtract -4 from their attack rolls

Infravision (60')

Within 10', detect grade or slope in passages with 1-5 on 1d6

Within 10', detect unsafe walls, ceiling, and floors with 1-7 on 1d10

Determine approximate depth underground with 1-4 on 1d6

Within 10', determine approximate direction underground with 1-3 on 1d6

Climb Walls: 45%

Move Silently: 0%

Detect Noise: 25%

Hide in Shadows: 5%

Pick Pockets: 5%

Read Languages: 0%

Find/Remove Traps: 5%

Open Locks: 10%