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Fantasy Family Generator

This generator creates a family. Note that more than 10 iterations can be quite slow. More than 30 may or may not crash your browser.

The Gimdels Family

Joruna Gimdels

25-year-old human adult

Joruna Gimdels is a 160 cm (5'2") tall human adult. She is 25 years old. Joruna has red hair, ebony skin, and brown eyes. She is hard-working, competitive, and passive.

Mate: Rolloan Gimdels


Rolloan Gimdels

22-year-old human adult

Rolloan Gimdels is a 180 cm (5'10") tall human adult. He is 22 years old. Rolloan has dark hair, light skin, and dark eyes. He is smart, polite, and plain-spoken.

Mate: Joruna Gimdels


Veloqul Gimdels

8-year-old human child

Veloqul Gimdels is a 149 cm (4'10") tall human child. He is 8 years old. Veloqul has dark hair, brown eyes, and light skin. He is optimistic and lazy.


Alona Gimdels

6-year-old human young child

Alona is a human young child of 6 years. She is 115 cm (3'9") tall and weighs 19 kg (42 lb.). She has brown eyes, dark hair, and light skin. She is smart and loyal.