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South Ocean Trade Company

The South Ocean Trade Company has a reputation for always delivering goods to their intended destination. It has 138 members. While locals are ambivalent about them, they are fairly popular in the wider region.

They are led by Icngia Oapsberg. Icngia Oapsberg is a 166 cm (5'5") tall human adult. She is 35 years old. Icngia has red hair, bronzed skin, and brown eyes. She is smart and hard-working.

Notable Members

Idulen Agelnon: Idulen Agelnon is a 99 cm (3'2") tall goblin adult. She is 25 years old. Idulen has russet hair, brown skin, and brown eyes. She is optimistic, loyal, and cruel.

Urontur Wintersong: Urontur Wintersong is a 165 cm (5'4") tall elven adult. He is 308 years old. Urontur has dark hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. He is creative, confident, and passive.

Bulam Zarrier: Bulam is a human adult of 34 years. He is 176 cm (5'9") tall and weighs 73 kg (161 lb.). He has dark hair, black skin, and amber eyes. He is competitive and optimistic.

Upama Diamondweaver: Upama Diamondweaver is a 66 cm (2'1") tall gnomish adult. She is 104 years old. Upama has light hair, tan skin, and green eyes. She is smart.

Bidrec Tintelsen: Bidrec Tintelsen is a 106 cm (3'5") tall goblin adult. He is 64 years old. Bidrec has black hair, grey skin, and orange eyes. He is smart and dishonest.