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Owner Type: pirate

Manufacturer: Bulior Technologies

Model: XM-1100 Ruby

Hull Type: patrol boat

Hull Class: frigate

Drive: Spike Drive-4

Mass: 8/10 (2 free)

Power: 15/15 (0 free)

Hardpoints: 2/4 (2 free)

Speed: 4

Armor: 5

AC: 14

HP: 25

Minimum Crew: 5

Maximum Crew: 20

Current Crew: 15

Total Ship Value: 3,050,000 credits

Total Crew Cost: 657,000 credits per year

Crew Skill: +2

Cargo Space: 0 tons


Spike Drive-4 - Upgrade a spike drive to drive-4 rating
Armory - Weapons and armor for the crew
Extended medbay - Can provide medical care to more patients


Charged Particle Caster (3d6, AP 15, Clumsy)